Royal Mail problems.

  Rwstill 21:13 23 Nov 2004

I seem to be unlucky. In the past 2 months I know that 2 letters and 1 parcel as gone missing. Royal mail were the ones entrusted to deliver. One of the missing letters was off my solicitor and had a cheque enclosed.

Anyone know who is the best to contact in this situation? Up until now I have not informed Royal Mail.

Any phone numbers, addresses.

Thanks in advance.

  SEASHANTY 21:23 23 Nov 2004

Royal Mail complaints click here

  SEASHANTY 21:26 23 Nov 2004

You could also visit your local sorting office and complain to the manager for your area. I did this when my fortnightly copy of "Computeractive" failed to arrive. The manager found a pile of them in the sorting office dumped on the floor. Forgotten!

  Stuartli 13:37 24 Nov 2004

Sent a letter from the Merseyside area yesterday afternoon to East Lothian first class - it was delivered first thing this morning.

  Stuartli 13:51 24 Nov 2004

The firm to which the letter was sent (it contained original animal drugs prescription forms) manages to answer queries I've sent by e-mail within 15-20 minutes.

dabs etc please note....:-))

  SEASHANTY 16:09 24 Nov 2004

Ordered a 512MB USB2 Pen Drive and a 3.5" HDD enclosure (also USB2) from Blankdiscshop last Sunday
afternoon. Opted for standard 3 day delivery @£3-99. Order was acknowledged Sunday by email and yesterday they sent another email advising consignment number and carrier details with email link for tracking.

Carrier Interlink Express. Checking their website this morning showed package left Exeter 1800 23rd and was at Nth Manchester depot 0600 24th. On van for delivery at 0725 24th. Van has Saturn. Package
arrived my home at 1115 today. Very pleased it wasn't sent via Royal Mail cos out local sorting office have been on strike from Friday morn until Monday night.

  Rwstill 19:05 24 Nov 2004

Thanks, that was just what I wanted.

Glad you had goods you ordered.

I do have to say, over the years Royal Mail as been quite good really.
But lately they seem to have got rid of the regular post men, and now they are all youngsters!

  spuds 19:49 24 Nov 2004

Postwatch are the best people for getting a speedy response click here

  Dorsai 20:03 24 Nov 2004

Cant find my flat, and it has been in the same place for 20 years!

Despite the fact that my front door Has my flat number on it, they insist on putting my post through next door's door, which has next door's number on it.

I get my post as 5:30 PM, when the bloke next door comes home from work!

Fortunatly i know him, And he has been doing it for so long, he is used to it.

Either that, or i never get it.

I would not trust the royal mail with anything more important than a post card.

Mind you, the post i get, that is for the local Solicitor's, would probably make interesting reading. But being honest, i repost it, through their letter box.

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