Royal Bank Of Scotland

  Tablet 23:39 02 Jul 2006

The "Royal Bank Of Scotland" as been
portrayed as one of the worst Banks
in Briton.
Anyone had a bad experience of this


  josie mayhem 23:51 02 Jul 2006

the only experience that I've had with them, was when british gas kindly suppiled me with all the banking details of one of ther customers, and when I informed them what had happened I was totaly ignored...

Luckly for there customer I wasn't going to use the inforamtion that I recieved and distroyed it. Lucky for them I'm a honest person! or who knows what might have happened....

But the Royal Bank of Scotland had no intention of informing the account holder that there personal dtails had been breached.

  wee eddie 08:00 03 Jul 2006

Another with Barclays and another with Clydesdale.

It would be hard to say which is best or worst. Each have had their occasional failings, all have been courteous, and occasionally brusk with me.

  Tablet 09:03 03 Jul 2006

Thank you for your response.

It is quite amazing just how bad some
Banks treat customer security.
The day of the caring Bank is obviously
a thing of the past.


  spuds 09:55 03 Jul 2006

The problem with banks nowadays, is that it can be difficult to find out who or what they actually own or participate in. So dealing with (say,as example) Royal Bank of Scotland could possibly come in many different disguises, without you actually realising it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:56 03 Jul 2006

I would not base anything on one episode of Panorama.....not exactly the most *ahem* unbiased programme on TV.


  €dstowe 11:17 03 Jul 2006

The only thing that banks "care" about is their profit. Remember they are businesses which have to make as much money as they possibly can for their investors (investors doesn't mean customers, unlike the old style building societies).

To maximise their profits they will do anything, fair or foul, so long as it remains on the right side of legality (but sometimes not even that).

It doesn't matter very much which bank you use - they are all in it together. I am with Lloyds bank, not through any sense of loyalty but just because they were the bank that gave the most tempting bribe to join them when I was a student. I can't see any reason to change although I'm always receiving offers from this or that bank to receive their better terms and conditions. Now that I'm older and a bit wiser, I know that these come-ons are nowhere near as tempting as they are made out to be. They won't make me any better off but the bank will be.

  Stuartli 12:15 03 Jul 2006

As far as I am aware the Royal Bank of Scotland operates our Tewsco Clubcard Plus account - it has always been faultless and statements match exactly my other half's immaculate record of spending using the card.

On the rare occasion I have contacted the telephone help service response has been swift and effective.

You can take the name of any financial organisation in the UK and you will always find someone who will offer a complaint against it.

You never hear from the silent majority...:-)

  Maturin 13:49 03 Jul 2006

I have banked with them for > 15 years. No complaints, good online services, prompt telephone service. I have no desire to stop using RBoS

  Arnie 14:49 03 Jul 2006

“I have banked with them for > 15 years. No complaints, good online services, prompt telephone service”.

In last night’s Panorama programme, it was not the day to day running of accounts and general services that were under scrutiny.

The programme featured real life cases of people who were allowed to reach levels of debt, far in excess of their ability to service that debt. The Royal Bank of Scotland have now cancelled some of the outstanding sums that were owed.

The bank’s directors are not philanthropists, guilt played no small part in their decisions.

One may say that it is the debtor’s fault. In some cases this may be true. Circumstances often change; problems may appear later, the death of a partner or the loss of a job, which were not evident at the time the debt was accrued.

Each case has to be judged on its merits and any blame placed were appropriate.

In the last few years, a number of TV programmes have been screened showing unscrupulous practices with banks, estate agents and major building companies.

As €dstowe pointed out. “To maximise their profits they will do anything, fair or foul, so long as it remains on the right side of legality (but sometimes not even that)”.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:11 03 Jul 2006

People who believe that they can sustain or service a debt of over £29k whilst only earning £18k/annum and having 3+ children should not be allowed to ever handle money.


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