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  Pappyon 11:42 25 Dec 2003

Roxio used to run an online support group, Forum and FAQ etc for end users of their Goback utility, but since Symantec bought the program from them I can't find the Forum. Does anybody know if it's still running, and could point me to it if it is please?

  Big Elf 14:03 25 Dec 2003

The discussion groups still seem to be running at click here

I wasn't aware that Symantec had taken them over. I though Roxio had taken over from Adaptec.

  March Hare 23:25 25 Dec 2003

Yes, Symantec now owns GoBack.

This is their support page for GoBack

click here

No mention of a forum though.

  Pappyon 10:42 26 Dec 2003

Thank you for the response to my post.

Big Elf.

Unfortunately Goback doesn't appear in the Discussion Groups on the Roxio Support web page you supplied. I had actually visited it previously myself, that's why I posted here.

  anchor 17:39 26 Dec 2003

Not relevant to the question but Symantec seem to be doing a lots of take-overs. The latest this month is Powerquest, makers of Drive Image and Partition Magic.

click here

  DannyOH 11:39 03 Feb 2005

How sad to hear that Norton are taking over so many good software companies: Roxio, Powerquest, etc.). While Norton has such a good name, I find its products score dismally in the quality stakes. I mean this insofar as, generally, when their products work, they work, but when they decide not to, it's like getting hit by a train.

Not once, but twice now, I have had grave data disasters because I failed to appreciate the degree of the (surely, unintended, menace, but menace nevertheless) that lay beneath the utterly casual demeanor of Norton' "Readme" files.

The problem lay with Norton's downright passive-aggressive philosophy of dismally poor warnings. In short, their "readme" files should all be renamed "Danger" or even "DISASTER" files. (I heatily recommend all users of Norton products creating for themselves a Desktop Shortcut folder to lead to all of Norton's "Readme" files. Beter yet, weed out all the chaff and include there only the very few sentences of truly critical info. I also recommend that shortcut be named the "READ THIS OR DIE" folder--in capitol letters, too.

Norton, you see, and lacking any sense of priority, habitually casuallly hide away in amongst a mass of otherwise basically harmless and/or useless material, a sentence or two of information that is of "the" most critical nature--like remembering to disable and unistall GoBack before you do a reformat. Forget that, and you can kiss all your data goodbye! Tidal Waves of Tears, I assure you! Even having THREE hard drives on my system has not protected me this last time. It only provides more hard drives for Norton to thrash!

Norton needs to realize and act on two things:

1: Its customers are not all geniuses. It may be YEARS between a customer's installing one of their products (and hence, reading their readme file(s) and their later doing a reinstall/reformat. Hence the near certaintly of one's forgetting to obey the likes of their Disable/Uninstall rule.

2: The above is compounded by the fact that users can have ten, twenty, or even forty separate programs on their machines. It is simply beyond the realm of reason for Norton--or any other software producer--to expect users to clearly (and effectively) recall the specifics of hoardes of readme notes (especially in view of 1. above)--for all those programs. This, especially when the context of those critical notes are so disastrously downplayed.

Some of Norton's products have more than one Readme note. (The first version of SystemWorks I used turned out to have five or six. Having read one, I hadn't read the rest--because I had no reason to suspect they were even there! Result from that? Several trashed JAZ disks!)

Listen up, Norton!

Take these critical "recommendations" or yours out of your "Readme" files altogether--and, a) make full blown and proper "WARNINGS" (Yes. In capitol letters.") out of them. Then, b) put them right upfront and HIGHLY VISIBLE, in your installation routines. Then, c) further create popup screens (perhaps at Shutdown?) where these critical "WARNINGS" show up ever so often as reminders. "Warning: before doing a reformat, MAKE CERTAIN to disable GoBack first!") The very least you can do is provide these warnings by default and make their removal an option.

Don't be so damned casual about them. If data loss is a possible--I should say, "certain" consequence--then say so! Clearly unequivocally, and often! Be honest with your customers!

CONSOLIDATE your Readme files.
PRIORITIZE these into
"DATA-CRITICAL" information, and
"other" notes.

GUYS AND GIRLS: Do yourselves and the world a favor. Copy the above and send it to Norton--and send something similar to any other software companies that you feel deserve to have their knuckes so rapped.

All the best to all,


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