Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum

  beanyboy 09:35 21 Oct 2006

This is a bit of an "old chestnut" but I would dearly love to solve it if poss:

I had the above CD Burning Software but it went peculiar, probably due to something that I did wrong myself,'cos I aint much of a computer-phobe.

In that software there was a facility called "Soundstream". This allowed me to make up a compilatiion CD by directly recording my favourite tracks off of a lot of other Cd's so that I could (for my own amusement) play the compilation on my car CD Player.

I could place the RECEIVING Compilation CD disc in one Drive-slot , leave it there, and put the CD's from which I was taking the favourite tracks from, in the other drive and the the Soundstream Facility on the Roxio Easy CD Creator recorded direct on to the receiving disc ie without having to go via the hard drive.

Does anyone know of any CD Burning software that will do exactly the same job please ?

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

  Strawballs 19:06 21 Oct 2006

Can you not just reinstall your copy of creator 5?

  beanyboy 20:12 21 Oct 2006

I wish !! Having got so fed up with it , I removed it and chucked it out I'm afraid.

I wish I could get another but having said that I've got an idea that it is'nt compatible with my Windows XP.

What I was hoping was, that someone would know of another CD Burning software package that did exactly the same thing.

Thanks for taking the trouble to respond anyway,

  bruno 11:09 22 Oct 2006

I used the same version of Roxio CD creator quite happily on XP Home,but I did have to update the drivers at one stage.When I changed computers it came with Nero which I have found even easier to use.I have not done the job you want on it ,though,as I made up a few MP3's on Roxioand don't need any more yet.

  beanyboy 11:44 22 Oct 2006

hi Bruno

Thanks for that. I have a version of Nero which came with a DVD RE-Writer that I had fitted but I am sure that it is,nt the full version 'cos I can't see anywhere on it how or where I can do the " disc to disc " thing that I explained earlier.
If you ever find out how to do it , please let me know . I would appreciate it especially as I would like to make another composite CD of favorites for my car.

all the best

Ken B.

  Strawballs 22:19 22 Oct 2006

click here you could try this and despite it's name it will do DVD's as well and it's free. I have nero 7 and this and I tend to use mainly this.

  terryf 01:16 23 Oct 2006

If you copied the tracks into a folder, you could then re-arrange the order if you wanted to, to get a variation of music type from one rtrack to the next. It is surprising if you do this and then sort them alphabeically in Explorer before you burn them

  beanyboy 10:26 23 Oct 2006

Thanks Strawballs and Terryf for your replies.

Hi Strawballs, your info looks interesting and I have started to go into it.,can you tell me which of those download locations you used,
I tried the first one and it would'nt go !

cheers Ken B.

  bruno 15:25 23 Oct 2006

I have Nero 6 now and I find it does what you want,but it does,in my case, put files on the hard drive.I have to it this way as I have only one dvd/cd unit.I find that putting them on the hard drive allows me to choose a playing order if I want,but these days I record them as MP3 files and I can get about 8 hours worth at a decent quality on a cd.I then select random on the car player.

  Strawballs 16:17 23 Oct 2006

click here and use the top one

  beanyboy 16:36 23 Oct 2006

Thanks Strawballs , you are very generous.

I have now managed to load that successfully. All I've got to do now is to work out how to copy from one disc to what will be my compilation CD.

I'll give it a go despite at the moment it looks a bit daunting (me not being all that experienced at this sort of thing) But as I said thanks a lot . I really appreciate it.

Best regards

Ken B.

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