Router suggestions

  smokingbeagle 09:34 16 Jul 2004

After a bit of leg (finger?) work, I have identified this click here
as my choice. I am after a wired adsl router/firewall/print server. Does anyone have experience of this model or comments or suggestions for alternates ?

  Magik ®© 12:05 16 Jul 2004

the review was not very good......

  smokingbeagle 17:07 16 Jul 2004

I am open to steer on what to buy. The print server needs to be serial unless there is an adapter / cable for serial to USB

  carolyne 18:14 16 Jul 2004

i gave up on routers because i had many problems with port forwarding, etc. in the end i brought a second hand p2 pc (but anything will really do) a network switch and downloaded ipcop (wich is free). this set up cost less than a router and is the best router/firewall/home network machine i have ever had, although it does take up a little more room than a standard router

  smokingbeagle 19:21 16 Jul 2004

Pls read parallel where it says serial above

  wallbash 22:49 16 Jul 2004

Have had a smc Barricade 700 abr for 18 months now, so I cant compare it with others but have found it suitable for me. Orig had an Epson 750 so had to have a parallel port on the router!

So when I changed had to find a printer with another parallel port! (Canon i865)

Was/is my first network but had no installation problems.Price has dropped !!!

Only small niggle. cables go in to router from all directions, so had to make up a small wooden box to tidy up the cables ,
To sum up, it does the Job for Me!

  wallbash 22:58 16 Jul 2004

About the cable

quote The print server needs to be serial unless there is an adapter / cable for serial to USB

Many people will tell you yes, BUT they are not knowing wot you require which is a
25 way D type male to a USB 'B'
I could not find one, hence the Canon

  The Spires 10:11 17 Jul 2004

I am very pleased ith the SpeedTouch 510, but cheap it's not, however I have had no problems with it.

  smokingbeagle 19:16 17 Jul 2004


  smokingbeagle 01:22 21 Jul 2004

Final ^bump^

  flying grouse 18:36 21 Jul 2004

check out a netgear router DG834, easy to setup and use, only remember to upgrade to newest firmware which the manual explains how..........

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