router for home network

  fazza8 21:30 28 Apr 2007

I want to buy a new router for my home network. We have 10Mb Virgin Media cable broadband. I want to have my main PC wired to it by ethernet, a laptop in one of the bedrooms and another PC in another bedroom. The house is a large 4 bed semi but not massive or anything. The laptop has a built in wireless and the PC has a USB receiver.

What type of router would be best and can anyone recommend a good model?

Thanks in advance


  rickf 21:45 28 Apr 2007

HI, Just wondered what people thing. Bought a Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop earlier today for £150. Intel Celeron 2.2, 512 Ram, 20 gig, Wins XP OS, Anti Virus included,Nero 7, Popwer adapter, 15" screen.
What do you thing? It's not mint but I thought it was a good price. Jaut wanted 2nd opinions.

  harps1h 01:07 29 Apr 2007

your are hijacking somebody elses thread.

  rdave13 01:17 29 Apr 2007

Well ..the only router I've bought and worked straight out of the box was a Netgear DG834Gv3. Even the dongle (Netgear again) for the second PC worked first time.

Have a look here.. click here

May be others will have better suggestions as my experience is a bit

  iscanut 11:57 29 Apr 2007

Make sure that any router yo buy is suitable for cable broadband. I am no expert but I think there is a difference between those suitable for cable as opposed to those connected via a standard phone line socket. Netgear , Linksys and Buffalo are all good makes.

  setecio 16:40 29 Apr 2007

Indeed the Netgear DG834 won't work with virgin as it is for adsl. You want a wireless router for cable which is an adsl wireless router without the adsl modem bit, so make sure it is for cabl and NOT adsl.

Netgear WG614, WRT624, Belkin F5D7230, Linksys WRT54G, ... many to choose from, and alot depends on the location, wall thickness etc. If buying anything above ordinary g remeber that you will require the same PC card and laptop card to gain any of the extras. Eg if you bought the Netgear rangemax WPN824 you would also need the rangemax cards for laptop and PC.

  ajm 18:50 29 Apr 2007

My brother has just migrated from Plus net to Virgin Media. I got for him the Buffalo Airstation 125 High-speed Mode Cable/DSL WireLess Smart Router WHR-G54S-1. click here

  iqs 19:16 29 Apr 2007

When I with BT :( I purchased my first router,Netgear DGT834GT.Very simple to install and to configure.

Like you I am now with Virgin Media 10mb.My choice for a new router was simple,from past experience I purchased another Netgear product,model Rangemax WPN824.

I can recommend this model.Simple is the key word.

But its your decision fazza8

  fazza8 16:59 30 Apr 2007

Thanks for all your help. Much food for thought

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