Rocketing Fuel Prices

  The Brigadier 18:34 10 Jun 2008

If Shell Fuel drivers are going on strike and Shell petrol stations run out of fuel, the other fuel companies will make even more profit. Will people panic buy, of course they will.

But what if the consumer decided to boycott suppliers?
So you could boycott different companies on different days?
An all out united offensive against oil companies may work?
Or do we settle back & watch the cost of fuel go up & up?

I'm not for illegal protests or for go slows on the roads.
But a sustained legal protest against rising fuel costs could work?
What if one oil company slashed there prices by 5-10p a litre.
Think of how many more motorists would go to that oil company for fuel?

OK I’ve had my ramble it’s up to you now.
This follows on from my thread in Speakers Corner on “Do you buy your fuel @ Shell”

  jack 18:56 10 Jun 2008

Invest in Walking Boots and hiking stick- enjoy

  ronalddonald 20:08 10 Jun 2008

It may work but people who are infimr and very old may not be able to join this protest. Especialy if they have appointments at hospital where they have to cathc a min cab or a cab. Some people with high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and other ilnesses may not be able to join the protest. I still belive the protest would work but it depends on circumstances of each individual. Aslo nurses, police and other emergency staff would have to buy fuel to get to work. I know london buses companies have large fuel depots where the fuel is pumped and that fuel can last a least a month maybe more than a moth and they also have green buses running on water.

  lofty29 14:51 11 Jun 2008

Although the oil companies are benifiting from the high prices, as is the government, it is the speculators that are causing the rocketing prices, and dont forget that most of the petrol stations are supplied by a relatively few big companies, so that whilst you could appear to be boycotting a particular company you may in fact not be

  CurlyWhirly 12:35 12 Jun 2008

"Although the oil companies are benifiting from the high prices, as is the government"
The government is making much more money than the oil companies from the increasing oil price and this can be realised by the fact that if you took all tax off the price then we would currently be paying only around 50p a litre!

I also fear that if the government go ahead with a windfall tax on the oil companies then this will only lead to further price increases as the companies will want to recover the money somehow.

  Curio 14:26 12 Jun 2008

My son winces at the prices of fuel here. He pays 7p a litre in Saudi!

  dagbladet 14:46 12 Jun 2008

"My son winces at the prices of fuel here. He pays 7p a litre in Saudi!"

...and how much for a pint of bitter?

  Curio 16:22 12 Jun 2008

Orange Juice comes a lot cheaper!

  The Brigadier 16:40 12 Jun 2008

It's a drink free state!!

  Arnie 17:03 12 Jun 2008

I sold my car around three years ago and now use my free bus pass.

Do I miss it? Of course, but not the outlandish expensive running costs and a car's depreciation.

  Arnie 17:08 12 Jun 2008

"they also have green buses running on water."

Could you explain this.

I know they can run on hydrogen, but water?

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