Rock Return or bust?

  ARB 15:58 07 Dec 2006

I purchased a Rock 665-t56 last month. I was VERY dissapointed with it on arrival. On day 6 (knowing I had 7 days to call for a ruturn) I contacted their support deprt to ask if there is anyway I can sort my problems. They took until day 9 to advise me to run 3DMark05 which I tried but it kept crashing. So I ran SiSandra and that did NOT finish properly. Thus I DO have a fault. I have sent them the reports as they requested but have not heard back.

I therefore want to reject it and claim a full refund. I oaid via a finace comany with 0% for 9 months.

How should I do this, Rock do not answer any emails or messages left for their support team to give me an RMA number for a return.

I'm sorry I did not buy a Toshiba - great fix and money back deal!

  HondaMan 16:21 07 Dec 2006

Check here:- click here

  The Brigadier 16:39 07 Dec 2006

This is rockdirect is it?

  ARB 16:51 07 Dec 2006

Yes, Rock is the parent company, Rock-Direct is you buy on the web or mobile-support if you need assistance (LOL).

  spuds 18:07 07 Dec 2006

You have missed the 7 day rule for returns via the Distance Selling Regulations, but you still have the Supply of Goods and Services Act available for you to use and quote.

If the finance deal was for the computer, then you can contact the finance provider and ask for their help and assistance under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. The finance provider have 'equal liability' in resolving issues, especially if the manufacturer/supplier is ignoring you.Do not think about stopping any payments, whatever you do.Get the matter sorted.

  The Brigadier 18:21 07 Dec 2006

I'm just suprised as a lot of people i work with use rockdirect and have nothing but good things to say about them.

  Forum Editor 19:17 07 Dec 2006

"VERY dissapointed with it on arrival", but you don't say why, and you don't say why you waited six days before taking any action to return the machine.

Rock machines have previously enjoyed an excellent reputation, and I can't remember when I last saw a complaint about them in the forum.

The problem with your machine may have a very simple solution, but I can't say, because you haven't told us what it is. If you gave us a little more information we may be able to help.

  ARB 09:37 08 Dec 2006

I hasve used a Rock laptops for the past 7 years and always found their support and sales team excellent. Thay is why I chose tobuy a new one through them. But may be all good things come to an end?

My initial dissapointment out of the box was mainly with items that I felt should have been included - such as warranty documentation! Although I informed mobile-support by telephone on day 1 that the items were not included they have never sent replacements.

The delay until day 6 was the time taken to load software and give it a go and play. I do not agree that I have missed the 7 day return because Richard from mobile -support said he would extend the rule whilst I carried out the 3Mark05 test - which it failed? and I reported back to them (day 7) and they would then advise if it was just a dud or whether I needed to send it back for further inspection. Nothing has been heard for over a week. I know they are receiving my emails as I am receiving receipts.

One reason why you may not hear bad things about Rock may be because they have a Forumon their website which is crammed with concerns. http:
//click here?

  ARB 09:51 08 Dec 2006

I've just received a receipt from an email to mobile-support. Now they are deleting my emails without reading them - the customer service i ahve known with Rock over the past 7 years is obviously a fond memory.

  terryf 11:58 09 Dec 2006

ARB your click here didn't work for me

  spuds 12:15 09 Dec 2006

ARB--The link appears to suggest 'The forum you selected does not exist'.

Did you want to reject the computer because "the items I felt should have been included (warranty documentation)" were not provided, or 3Mark05 (which it failed) test that you carried out?.

Excuse my ignorance, but what is a 3Mark05 test, and how did you undertake this check.

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