Rock Direct - awful service

  kingosticks 17:26 02 May 2008

Ive experienced major problems with no less than 3 Rock laptops that I have been sent since I first bought my Pegasus 665 about 18 months ago. the first one overheated and after sending it back a number of times I was given a new machine. this one couldnt be used without A/C power so that went back. I had to wait 9 weeks for GPU stock (in which I was told NOTHING without ringing myself and each time assured it would arrive within the next week...). After I demanded a refund I was instead given an upgrade to the Pegasus 670 but the sound card didnt work. back that went and now ive been waiting 3 weeks for the stock to come in for this model. Asked for money back again but then told stock was reallocated so it would be done by today. rang just now to find out this isnt true and now im looking at Tuesday at the earliest.

Long story short - Rock Direct have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. They literally lie to you. I just want to advise those looking at purchasing a Rock laptop to think again since this is one of the worst purchases ive ever made. Im a engineering student and I cant afford to buy another computer just yet. This has caused me considerable problems when doing my work - Rock just dont care as long as they have my money.

  Forum Editor 18:01 02 May 2008

and it does seem to me that you've had an unacceptably bad experience, but please don't accuse a company's employees of deliberately lying to you unless you have incontrovertible evidence that it's true.

  kingosticks 18:39 02 May 2008

it often seems to me like im not getting the whole truth but yeh I can see your point there so id like to take that back.

im related news, i dont know if its just a server problem but thir forums at click here now redirects to the sales page. there was a lot of negative posts over the past few weeks and i hope this isnt due to that.

  Forum Editor 19:00 02 May 2008

Your comment about the forum is interesting - as you say, it appears to have been taken offline

  kingosticks 18:06 06 May 2008

it seems that Rock issued a statement about taking the forum offline but didnt get a propper reason so people have been left to speculate about the real reasons of complaints. They effectively destroyed a massive amount of support info and an entire community. This demonstrates a complete lack of respect for their customer base and was a poor move in my opinion.

Another forum has been set up to try and rebuild the info but Im not sure if I am allowed to post links to other forums here.

  Rayuk 17:19 08 May 2008

Seems things have taken a turn for the worse.
click here

  Forum Editor 19:03 08 May 2008

as from this morning, and is no longer accepting orders. As things stand, the company will not fulfil existing orders, or undertake any warranty work. That situation may change in the future, or it may not, depending on whether the administrators can sell the business and its assests as a going concern.

If the business can't be sold, and you have ordered and paid for a computer you will become an unsecured creditor. If that situation applies you should contact your credit card provider.

Dominic Wong and David Langton of Deloitte & Touche LLP are the joint administrators, and they'll be writing to all known creditors very soon.

  Rayuk 09:27 10 May 2008

click here of the reason they wnet bump.

  Rayuk 09:28 10 May 2008
  spuds 11:49 10 May 2008

kingosticks--Looks like a telephone call to the credit card company (if that is the method of original payment), and see if they can assist in resolving your problem.

In the media report, it seems to indicate that most if not all the warning signs were becoming noticeable, yet very little was done about it.

  Forum Editor 12:06 10 May 2008

to learn that an employee was able to drive around in Aston Martins and Porsches without alerting someone to the fact that something might be worth looking into. Add to that the fact that this person apparently stole goods to the value of £200,000 and again nobody seemed to know about it, and you have a situation that hardly defines the term 'effective business management'

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