Rock direct, any stories?

  bikemonkey 19:33 10 Jan 2006

After my thread on dual core I have decided that whilst dual core may be the way forward, it's not for me just yet. I stumbled across and their notebooks seem to be just what I'm after: stripped down performance and good after sales service. I'm looking at the Quaddra T64 upgraded to 80gb 7200rpm in particular so I can stick music and photos on it and still play games (f.e.a.r. looks too good to miss). Are rock good or to be avoided? Is the Quaddra T64 worth going for at this price (£1264) or should I get a dirrefent rock notebook?

  Ikelos 20:58 10 Jan 2006

i have two Rock laptops, a Sigma and QTi, The PCA road test of the QTi gave it a best that money can buy, the warranty is for 3 years, collect and return.. can not fault it..

  Raywood 13:48 11 Jan 2006

I have a rock laptop, which has been strong. However recently it has started developing faults and a key has broken. I have personally found (The business with whom the 3 year warranty is with) hard work to get responses from. They say they are on to the problem, and will send me a replacement part for the keyboard. However this has yet to materialise. I would have been grateful if they could have simply sent an e-mail saying "we have not got the keyboard part in stock at the moment."

Having said that I know at least 3 other rock direct customers who have had no or few problems. The worst being a floppy disk controller - which seemed to correct itself.

  Forum Editor 14:32 26 Feb 2006

that we don't allow "Don't buy from this company" posts, based on a single bad experience.

  calamityuk 15:43 28 Nov 2007

It all started about two months ago, one of the hard drives failed, knocking out the Raid configuration, so sent the Laptop back to Rock for repair (under warranty) They took around about 10 days to turn it around, it arrived back complete with full test reports and tick sheets, only as soon as I turned it on once booted up it would freeze, each time, eventually not even able to boot in safe mode.
So sent it back again to Rock, this being a real problem as with the build up to Christmas my company it’s on overdrive to get everything done and with one of the key Machines not available, Rock promised me they would put it on a High Priority 5 day turn around.
That was near on three weeks ago, I have made copious phone calls, and was made to feel I was being pushed back of the queue each time I phone I get a different person stating the machine failed each time, then it went back to square one, apparently everything had been replaced in it, yet still it was apparently failing, they told me each time that they would call me back with answers, yet I always ended up having to call them...

One person even told me that they would put the machine on High Priority (Yet I was led to believe that it was already on High Priority)

I used to praise Rock for being able to build a brilliant laptop, but I just cannot recommend the terrible after sales service, this is important, especially to a small business that can’t afford the loss of machinery for any length of time.

I have logged the many conflicting phone calls, dates and occurrences and am in the process of contacting the consumer services, watchdog and the like as I feel others should not be dealt with in a similar way.

Again I am sorry to have to report this

Now I have received the laptop back once again, and this time its not even charging, doesn't get above 0%. Phoned the Support team for the hundredth time, I reseated the battery and still once you pull the power supply the machine just dies.
Yet the Quality Assurance check list states there was no problem with charging.

I asked if they would send me a battery to test it out as to have to send the machine back for the third time in the last few months is appalling, I think you would agree, but I was told this is not possible, the case has been left with the support person was going to email a manager, no body has contacted me back yet.

  Ikelos 23:30 28 Nov 2007

I have a Rock Quaddra Ti, best thing since sliced bread, only went wrong once and they picked it up next day, could not fault the service...

  Evghenii 23:48 23 Apr 2008

Rock has the worst after sales service, and i can't say any good words about their laptops. This is my story:
When i received my new laptop the battery was not working. I sent it back and got it after 2 weeks.
I've got it back but: the battery was replaced with the used old battery. The battery holds less then 1 hour. There are scratches on it, and it seems to be from another machine, because the leg on the battery is shorter than on the laptop itself, so the machine vibrates when you type on it.
The screen quality is bad, screen is very dark even though brightness is at maximum level.
I wrote them letter, about it, they told me it should be sent for inspection, i asked them how to do it, they gave me a link, it wasn't working, i wrote them about it but no answer, another message-another link, again wrong. I posted a letter to the manager that i want a refund- more then two months later still no answer. It is now half a year that i am trying to solve this problem. I paid 2070 euro for this laptop and i dont use it(i am stil working on my old one, which is meant to be upgraded to this rock laptop). And the problem is still not resolved. Any advice?

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