Rl Supplies poor service ?

  clayton 00:24 18 Jan 2007

ok ive had this hard drive since march 06 & after a time i noticed that in disk management it said the drive was At Risk, so on the 30th dec 06 i took the drive back to there store for them to check.
On the 3rd of jan i phoned & asked if they had managed to look @ the drive yet & they said no, i then called again on the 9th again asking if they had found fault with the hard drive, only to be told again that they hadnt looked @ it yet but would do that day & i would get a phone call.

No call back from rlsupplies, so on the 15th i called again to be told the drive had been looked @ & was faulty & it had been sent back to hitachi as rl dont replece them but get them fixed & they were expecting some drives back from hitachi within 10 days.

Two days later i get a call from rlsupplies to be told they had just looked @ the hard drive & the fault was caused because the drive had been formatted in Dynamic mode & should of been done in Basic, i have no idea if this would of caused it to show up as At Risk, because they say there is no fault with the drive i have to pay them £19 for them looking @ it which sounds abit expensive to me, i just thought i would ask what you all think.

  Taff™ 00:59 18 Jan 2007

Pay them nothing. Apart from the (very) poor customer service the disk drive is covered for at least 12 months. Hitachi drives are normally covered for 3 years from date of purchase. I suggest you contact the store manager, provide your proof of purchase and request a full refund.

I haven`t a clue what they are talking about with this "Dynamic Mode" & "Basic Mode" - ask them to put this in writing to you. (e-Mail will do) They cannot request £19, unless you agreed to pay it in advance, to inspect a product that they supplied and is therefore within the minimum 12 month guarantee according to the Sale of Goods Act.

  clayton 01:12 18 Jan 2007

if i pay them nothing i wont get the drive back, on the bottom of the RMA form it states
All returns to be tested
A labour charge will be applied for any items where no fault is found.

  Taff™ 01:22 18 Jan 2007

If you bought this product from them originally, and returned it because it was faulty, you pay nothing to them. They returned it to the manufacturer for replacement and that manufacturer will supply them with a replacement without question. (It is less than 12 months old)

You need to ask RI to explain to you why they are charging you this money and send you a written copy of this agreement and then post it here for us to look at. How much did you pay them for the drive anyway? And for that matter who are they?

  clayton 01:30 18 Jan 2007

Taff the company is my local pc store & there prices are quite good, the only problem is when you have anything that needs to go back for repair.

If you purchase a hard drive from them & 10 months later it develops a fault they will test the drive for the problem & if found to be faulty send it back to hitachi for it to be replaced buy a refurbished one.

They say my drive was showing At Risk because of the way it was formatted & they have reformatted & tested it, just took them 18 days to do it..lol

  terryf 02:35 18 Jan 2007

Ask advice from your local Trading Standards, they will know what the law is in this instance and will advise you, perhaps writing to the store.

  spuds 11:12 18 Jan 2007

If you live in certain UK areas, give these people a ring click here for further legal consumer advice.

When company's hold your property, faulty or otherwise, and request payment for return, things can get very delayed and nasty, unless you are fully aware of your rights.

  Taff™ 13:24 18 Jan 2007

click here Scroll down to Additional Remedies for consumers.

"If the consumer chooses the option of a repair or replacement, the trader must do this within a reasonable time and without significant inconvenience to the consumer. The trader must also pay all the relevant costs, e.g. labour, postage, etc."

Hitachi Global Warranty click here

  clayton 13:42 18 Jan 2007

Thanks for the link Taff, as they have looked @ the hard drive & found that its not faulty cant they not charge me the £19 they are asking for ?

  Taff™ 09:25 19 Jan 2007

I`m unclear exactly what they are saying about the drive.

"the fault was caused because the drive had been formatted in Dynamic mode & should of been done in Basic, i have no idea if this would of caused it to show up as At Risk, because they say there is no fault with the drive i have to pay them..."

click here basically explains the basic & dynamic modes - I can`t see what the problem might have been.

Two things come to mind. Firstly establish exactly what they have done to the drive. Have they reformatted it or changed it in any way? Indeeed have they just hooked it up to another computer to establish that it is readable and check that your data is intact?

Secondly, did they explain to you when you took them the disk that they would charge for providing this service? There is also the issue where they told you initially that it was faulty and had to be returned to Hitachi on the 15th but then changed their diagnosis two days later.

To be honest, £19 seems a reasonable charge for this exercise - it probably equates to half an hour`s work at most. If this means that you can now use the drive again you might consider it a fair charge.

  Taff™ 10:14 19 Jan 2007

On the other hand, if this drive was a second storage drive (Not your main drive with operating system on it) you might have considered replacing it instead of repairing. A new 80 Gb drive is about £27 click here

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