Rip - off software.......

  daba 23:19 30 Apr 2004

I'm looking to by a flight sim, MS 2002 standard will suffice, but looking around the net I see... $16.99 - but won't ship internationally (wonder why, see next line..) £44.99 !!

Are we being taken for a ride here...

  Forum Editor 23:27 30 Apr 2004

for American online retailers not to ship internationally - they've been the victims of card fraud on too many occasions, plus they have to deal with the complexities of foreign Sales taxes.

Taken for a ride - by whom? Why should you think that, just because one retailer charges more than another?

  daba 23:37 30 Apr 2004

The 2 prices I quoted were from the same 'global' company, trading under the global name "Amazon"

Fraud, no - Retailers world-wide make sure they have got your funds before shipping, and who can blame them.

Foreign Sales Taxes - others do it no problem. I just bought PowerDVD from the states for $5.00 + shipping charge of $10.00. That's $15 total (about £12 i suppose, although I haven't checked). It arrived in 5 days. Cheapest I found it in UK was about £25.

  daba 23:42 30 Apr 2004

I will buy from anywhere that is prepared to sell me the products I want, at the price I'd like to pay.

If they incur local taxes, then that is the risk they take, and if they are prepared to ship internationally then they surely know more about their business than I do.

Its good old blighty (UK) that is ripping its own people off.

  mikef. 10:41 01 May 2004

Try shopping around, in the latest Dream catalogue it's £29.99

  Diodorus Siculus 11:31 01 May 2004

daba - as you likely know, Amazon will ship books internationally and good savings can be made by ordering via the .com site.

There may well be other rules / regulations for software of which I am unaware.

Its slightly long winded, but i just have to get all my software sent via my cousin in Michigan.

FE...for one company to charge its american customers aprox £11 and it British customers £44.99 for exactly the same product is ridiculous. No economies of scale etc are going to justify that price difference. Every now and then Britain retains it's tag as 'treasure island' for retailers.

  spuds 14:42 01 May 2004

America as put certain restrictions and regulations on IT products and the export of such items, since and before 9/11.So I would suspect that certain USA sales outlets are a little nervious as to their exports and documentation work.

I fully agree with the way the UK are taken for a ride in this free consumer world. How long did it take for the UK to fall in line,or part thereof, with our European friends, with the new car sales saga.Nearly every day, you will find great price differences on many simple household products, with one store competing against another, with the usual 'we have lower prices' motto.

Recently, I trawled the net and also visited many local high street stores for a certain artist cd.Most places the price was between £9.99 and £6.99 with postage added for internet sales, but just curiousity checking at my local MVC store, which had one of their usual special offer sales on at the time, I purchased the said cd for £3.99. This had been reduced from £6.99,so the label stated. How can this sort of big difference in pricing, always seem to become the norm and excepted practice with the retail industry here.Someone, somewhere must either make or lose a large amount of money.Have you seen the latest profit returns for BP!.

  rickf 14:47 01 May 2004

Have just come back from Canada and I can report that prices are generally over 30% cheaper. People in the shops are also really considerate and helpful in trying to assist you making a purchase. Here you have to ran around looking for someone to take your cash on top of the very high charges.

  TomJerry 16:59 01 May 2004

If you look new version 2004. The price difference between us and uk amazon sites is normal, just like most stuff, you pay the same figure in us and uk except you pay dollar in us and pound in uk.

£22.79 from ebuyer click here

  wee eddie 18:17 01 May 2004

Why should it be a rip-off.

No one is forcing you to buy.

The Seller can charge whatever price it wishes, and the market will bear.

The choice is yours - if sufficient business goes elsewhere - the seller will reduce his price.

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