Rip Off at E-Bay. They took the money but...

  nerawan 22:27 18 Oct 2010

Hi. I have a friend who sold a flat TV in E-bay for 500 pounds. Apparently the buyer (a Spanish guy) paid the money thx Pay Pal. He went to the house to collect the TV (the Van was full with other items) and then he cancelled the payment. My question is : Who is responsible for this payment. E-bay or Pay Pal?. Can my friend recover her money. Thanks

  morddwyd 07:31 19 Oct 2010

Have you contacted E-bay or Pay Pal?

While you wait for a reply here this guy could be ripping off other people.

  birdface 10:07 19 Oct 2010

Another thread the same as this one on here about a month ago.
So looks like it is a pretty common occurrence.
By luck he checked his bank account and found out that the payment had been cancelled.
Once the payment has been made there is no way that they should be able to cancel it so quickly.If at all.

  spuds 13:02 19 Oct 2010

eBay have an 'improved protection scheme', with all the details on their website. This information is usually on the homepage. Contact eBay and/or PayPal without delay and they will deal with the matter.

  finerty 17:55 19 Oct 2010

my suggesting stop doing any shopping on ebay until ebay sorts this out so that no one gets ripped off.

That means everyone stop using ebay and sends in complaints until they resolve this big issue.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:17 19 Oct 2010

On the rare occasions I sell anything on eBay I make it I retain the item until I have cleared payment.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:17 19 Oct 2010

I make it clear

  birdface 19:58 19 Oct 2010

Payment had been made to the other chaps account through Paypal and just checked again before he posted the goods out.
And the payment had been removed.
So not sure how paypal can allow this to happen.

  spuds 20:20 19 Oct 2010

It can and does happen. Sometimes a person can use a secondary email address and request that money is paid into another email address, usually by asking a buyer to cancel original payment, then repay via the other account email address.(not in this case)

With a PayPal account you can cancel a payment, which PayPal state that they can reinstate, but if there is no money in the account after, then what?. (possibly in this case)

There are a number of other ways, that a person might be able to cheat. If a person was collecting from me, then its cash on collection unless they have a high 100% long term feedback and definitely no cheques. Paying by PayPal does have its ups and downs, but their new 'protection scheme' may have a few advantages for both the buyer and the seller.

  GaT7 12:49 20 Oct 2010

I notice the original poster, nerawan, has not responded since he/she posted, so will be good to hear from them again once they have contacted eBay or PayPal as rightly advised.

'So looks like it is a pretty common occurrence.' - no, it isn't. If it was, wouldn't there be more complaints than just one a month? (btw, I think this is the previous one you referred to: click here)

'Once the payment has been made there is no way that they should be able to cancel it so quickly.' - Yes, you are right & it works just like that most of the time.

FYI, a PayPal (PP) transaction cannot usually be cancelled just like that. If it were so easy, I would have used it to cancel payments of items I didn't receive. But I've never been able to do so without first opening an official 'Dispute', which took a minimum of 10-12 days further to get my money back. Opening such a dispute is different from just cancelling a payment.

See the following PP links: How do I cancel a payment? click here and click here;?t=solutionTab&ft=homeTab&ps=&solutionId=163306&locale=en_GB&_dyncharset=UTF-8&countrycode=GB&cmd=_help&serverInstance=9014

So you see, one can only cancel a payment if it is showing up as 'Unclaimed' &/or a 'Cancel' button is displayed next to that transaction. This rarely happens - out of my 450 or so paid for transactions as a buyer, it has happened to me only once. The seller's supplied email didn't match the one that was registered. G

  GaT7 12:50 20 Oct 2010

The second link again click here. G

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