Rio mp3 player is it worth buying

  patsyanne 18:30 03 Oct 2005

My friend is thinking of buying the Rio mp3 player i know they are not making it anymore but they are selling really cheap now ,is it a good idea to buy one or not .thanks

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:50 03 Oct 2005

If it is selling really cheap and will serve your friend's needs and your friend doesn't have a need to have the latest thing? Then why not? Go ahead and buy one.

  patsyanne 19:48 03 Oct 2005

Mr Mistoffelees ok thanks ,its £99 for 5gb .

  2020 11:51 04 Oct 2005

Hi patsyanne jut interested where its for sale at £99. thanks

  Fyrebird1 12:46 04 Oct 2005

I had one bought for me for a birthday present then the next day I was informed that Rio were not producing MP3 players anymore. I didnt want to be left with a device i couldnt get a decent level of customer help with if it went wrong. Best stick to a brand that is still going strong. Like creative or sony.

  SURVEY 14:32 04 Oct 2005

I sought advice from this forum on this very subject. In the end I bought the Rio 5GB and I was aware that they were not being made any more. It is a brilliant mp3 player. Compact size, good screen and facilities, very easy to set up, simple to transfer music in various formats, good quality sound, earphones OK, battery lasts well, charges up quickly. All in all an excellent player. Get it! You will not be disappointed.

  ade.h 22:03 04 Oct 2005

Hey, another convert. Great stuff. For those wanting to buy one, the websites of Dixons and Curry's had them on offer recently.

  Grunger 16:31 05 Oct 2005

Hello, I've bought a Rio Carbon about 6 months ago and found it to be one of the best purchase I've made in a long time. The sound is superb and it's better looking and longer battery life than the current Apple nano.
On top of that, I have an hearing impairment so volume and quality of music is very important to me. In my view, Rio outdid all the Ipods in these aspect.

  josie mayhem 01:11 06 Oct 2005

At then end of the day if it goes belly-up with-in the first 12 months, the company that sold it to you will have to replace it with something of equivalent specs.

And then with software troubles I suspect there support page will carry on for a lot longer, the only thing that you might not get is firmware up-grades or software up-grades.

But if it fits the bill the above want be a problem, why up-grade if you haven't got a problem.


where are they selling them to?

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