right to refund?

  Tom Clancey 14:56 12 May 2003

I bought a laptop in January and there are majors faults with the machine. I bought it from Gultronics in Tottenham Court Road and they are being very difficult to deal with. It's only 4 months old, it keeps going wrong, am I entitled to a refund or replacement? What are my rights?
I'm also thinkning of getting another. I am a digital photographer and I need to know the best to get. I was thinking of the new Mac Powebook 12". would this be a good choice. I've never used mac before but my experiences with ofice xp have been n othing but trouble.
Please give me some advice because I am totally confused.

  Morpheus© 15:56 12 May 2003

if the goods are not fit for the purpose, then you are down for a refund, if you except a repair or replacement it is a whole new ball game.

  Patr100 19:07 12 May 2003

You say there are "major faults" and it keeps going wrong but what exactly? What have you or Gultronics tried to remedy it? Have you been able to restore it to it's factory settings using a recovery disk which you should have been supplied with? If you are having software problems only I am afraid you would only have a warranty or consumer law claim if there is a hardware fault not a software problem.

  bfoc 19:20 12 May 2003

You have the right to get what you paid for, a properly working machine. Gultronics are responsible for providing that.

However, particularly after 4 months, whether you are entitled to refund is difficult to say since it would depend on:

1. Precisely what the 'major faults' are.
2. When they first appeared.
3. What has been done to rectify them.
4. What conditions, if any, were attached to any repairs undertaken and whether they were successful.
5. How they machine was paid for.

I'm sorry if this is not clear cut, but after time passes and without knowing what, if anything, has been done to put matters right it is very difficult to be any clearer. I personally think it might be problematic to demonstrate you were 'entitled' to a full refund.

  spuds 19:35 12 May 2003

You state that you are totally confused.Is this because of the 'major' problems that you have with the laptop in question, or perhaps the better product that you wish to have.All the above postings are offering sound advice to part solving your request, but if you were to give more insight to the major faults with your laptop, then perhaps further guidance could be given.

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