Terry Brown 10:37 23 Apr 2011

I have suffered with Rheumatism for some years now, and have tried virtually all the ointments and tablets (prescription) and over the counter, you can buy but nothing has been really efficient.

Talking to a friend, he suggested I try Distilled witch hazel (Boots Chemist), so with nothing to lose, I bought a bottle.

The difference is amazing, after just 3 days the swelling in my joints has visually reduced and the constant ache has almost gone.

If you have this problem (I don't know about Arthitis or other forms of swollen joints), it is well worth a try.

There are 2 versions of witch hazel, it is the distilled one you need.


  ams4127 10:57 23 Apr 2011

Thanks for that Terry. I'll try a bottle the next time I'm in Boots.

  anchor 11:04 23 Apr 2011

strong textImportant

This should not be taken internally.

link text

  wiz-king 12:45 23 Apr 2011

Been known about for donkeys years. I sell it as a cream or ointment both on its own and in combination with horse chestnut and peony as a ointment for hemorrhoids. Grieve

  morddwyd 19:15 23 Apr 2011

"Been known about for donkeys years."

Not by everybody, obviously!

  spuds 19:55 23 Apr 2011

Witch Hazel (astringent) as been used for ages for swellings,sores, sore muscles and bruising plus a variety of other uses. Distilled Witch Hazel should not contain tannin, were 'undistilled' should.

Some chemist's might suggest using it as an alternative to a dearer product for the above ailments.

  Forum Editor 23:17 23 Apr 2011

Witch hazel has an anti-inflammatory action, and has been used for hundreds of years to treat Rheumatism and arthritis.

  Terry Brown 07:46 24 Apr 2011

It may have been known for Hundreds of years, however it is never advertised for that purpose, could it be that there is more profit in other creams, ointments.

Yes, as Anchor pointed out, it is for External use only.


  wiz-king 05:57 26 Apr 2011

Terry Brown To advertise it with a claim ie. "alleviates the swelling of the joints" the claim would have to be proven by trials which would cost a very large sum of money. As the product in not a chemical that can be patented or is not made by a novel method which could also be protected there is no money in it. No money = no profit; therefore no interest from the big drug companies. This also applies to many other herbel remedies and is the what is causing contention over the new EU Herbal medicines Directive. More info

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