NewestRoyWidd1 13:21 07 Mar 2007

Hello,has anyone else had problems since ntl changed to virgin?
I was with ntl for a few years,then moved house in december of last year and cancelled my contract for a while until i got settled into the new place.
Since signing up with them again,they seem incapable of just installing a phoneline.Customer"care" are most unhelpful-when you can actually get through that is.
I emailed them but got an automated response.Has anyone please got ideas howi can resolve this?The engineer(most helpful)has told me they are setting up a telephone work order,that was 3 weeks ago.As for bb,that was sorted yesterday.
Many thanks in advance.

  Mark5001 20:16 07 Mar 2007

Moved house two weks ago. Told virgin on the Tuesday and all services fited on the Saturday I moved in. No hassles or problems whatsoever.

  robgf 02:59 08 Mar 2007

NTL customer services are erratic, it seems as if a lot of their call center staff don't know how to operate the equipment.
In my experience you always have to call half a dozen times, before you get someone who actually does what they say they are going to do.
A few years ago they messed up my monthly bill, overcharging me by over £100 and despite collecting the money, they cut me off for "unusually high" usage.
It took me two months and loads of calls to get reconnected and a refund, fortunately I rarely use the phone and wasn't unduly bothered, but if I had needed the phone, it would have been a pain.

  NewestRoyWidd1 11:27 08 Mar 2007

Thanks Mark5001 and robgf,sorry for the delay in replying.It's a pain not having a landline phone,and yes.NTL are erratic to say the least!
I only got my bb sorted out through ringing tech support.It wouldn't install from disc.
I'll tick as resolved now thanks.

  The Brigadier 12:12 08 Mar 2007

Sadly as a punter i can see the service may go done hill now that more people have joined to make one happy family in Virgin Media.

At least i dont get my TV/Cable from Virgin!

  Fellsider 11:38 10 Mar 2007

As far as I'm concerned it already has gone downhill.

I sent an e-mail to customer service a while back and didn't get a reply.

I then wrote to the customer service manager and got a pre-printed letter of reply stating that they would be in touch usually within 5 days but asthey were "a little busy" it may take up to 10.

After 15 days I sent another e-mail to customer services who replied that they would be in touch usually in less that 48 hours - that was Tuesday.

I can only see Virgin taking Telewest/NTL to such a low level that it won't recover.

Telewest had their troubles but not like this.

  skeletal 20:49 10 Mar 2007

I have always thought that Telewest customer service has been poor. I was hoping that following the Virgin take over, things would get much better. Days later we lost Sky, the only reason I subscribed to the TV part.

Yesterday I lost my email service for half a day, yet again.

It is really beyond me why consumers are getting such poor service these days, not just from ISPs, but everywhere. You only have to see Watchdog to see the constant stream of, sometimes quite shocking, incidents.

I suppose the loss of email and TV channels is not quite as bad as the currently reported Renault story of bonnets opening and causing accidents!


  Terry Brown 21:04 10 Mar 2007

While it is no excuse, when two large companies merge there is often confusion about who does what and when --Does the left hand tell the right hand what it is doing.

I have been a Telewest customer for about 4 years, and any problems are quickly sorted out.

Maybe I am the odd one out, but I always try to be pleasant when requesting assistance , and usually get good service, after all- put yourself in their shoes- if you had 2 persons requesting help, one polite and one demanding, who would you serve first?.

Hopefully they will son settle down and provide a good service to all.

  steve1ooo 22:11 10 Mar 2007

I emailed them 2 weeks ago with a query. Got an auto response straight away , then nothing since.
Tried to phone them but i got tired of hanging on at 5p a minute.
Ntl was poor but virgin is worse.

  Stuartli 23:24 10 Mar 2007

The only contact I've had with Virgin has been with its Virgin Mobile support service.

It's been superb on the three or four occasions I've been in touch over the past six or seven years and, what's more, it's free using 789 on my mobile.

  skeletal 23:28 10 Mar 2007

Terry: I start off being polite. I’m sad to say the impoliteness stems from Telewest. However, to be fair, that was some time ago. More recently I have never been able to contact them as they don’t answer the phone; the best I have managed is a computer voice recognition system that, obviously, is worse than talking to a brick wall. I cannot therefore comment on their current politeness levels!

I am either extremely unlucky, or you are very lucky!


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