Returns sold as new - standard practice ?

  Yokel 14:22 22 Mar 2007

I would have thought this was a common question but I can find no threads on the topic.

My last purchase from Dabs came complete with the returns details and comments from a previous user of the TV tuner card. The card had not been shown as used stock.

I would guess from the state of the manufacturer's box that the card had been returned without the original Dab's outer packaging. However the card worked fine but I was interested to know what Dab's policy on the re-sale of returned good was.

Their e-mail reply was a stock answer unrelated to my query and the response to my follow up merely pointed me to the returns procedure.

My question remains, is it standard practice for Dabs to re-sell at full price goods which have been installed then removed and returned. Is this normal within the industry ?

  jack 14:35 22 Mar 2007

Well the stories abound about returned goods resold as new- particularly one electronics vendor. Whole PCs which when started reported to be registered to another person or eve containing data.-This story has seemed to have faded of late- so perhaps that firm has got the message.
But as a former Mail House worker of many yonks ago[specialist medical supplies] returned goods were processed and restocked/sold off in bulk or plain 'dumped' according to condition and nature of the item.
And I suspect it is true to-day in the mail order industry. Simple incorrect ordering/supply- then items would be restocked.
Item returned deficient on inspection- restocked and sold at discount or put in the bargain basement section.
But I guess it is only humans doing the work and inconsistencies are bound to crop up.

  Stuartli 14:49 22 Mar 2007

Normally Dabs would place such items in its Clearance or Bargain sections.

The only time I've ever had a problem with Dabs involved a similar occurance - I ordered two iiyama monitors and one of them was clearly a return (it even had a compliments slip from the computer company shop that had returned it in the box).

I didn't contact Dabs, but went directly to iiyama, whose representative was aghast at what had happened and immediately arranged for a replacement next day, plus collection of the originally supplied monitor.

Apparently Dabs received a real dressing down, judging by the comments made by one of its directors who contacted me afterwards to find out why I had contacted iiyama rather than Dabs.

  Kate B 15:17 22 Mar 2007

Happened to me once with eBuyer - I ordered a memory stick for a Sony camera as a gift, so I wasn't impressed when it turned up with no packaging at all, just wrapped in some bubblewrap. eBuyer was unrepentant - though that's a while ago, they might have sharpened up a bit since then.

  namtas 21:58 22 Mar 2007

Yes I believe it could be, happened to me with a new Kodak digital camera, it was faulty upon receipt but the memory card had personal photos on it.

  The Brigadier 10:37 23 Mar 2007

It's simple, dont use them again.
Bought once before got sold a return item, never used them since!
Now use Novatech for all my IT/PC goods!!

  spuds 12:58 23 Mar 2007

It can and doe's happen. Since the Distance Selling Regulations came into force, returns are or should be a simple process. That is why returns are based on 'return as received'.Some companies have arrangements for clearing this type of stock, which is not always suitable for either the company or consumer.

One point that I would make, is for any warranty cover provided. I had a problem once with a well known company, who classed a component as second user, and refused to honour the manufacturers warranty. Sorted out eventually, but it wasted quite a bit of time.

  grumpygramp 15:13 23 Mar 2007

There are one or two shops in sussex who sell Home Catalogue returned goods which they buy in bulk from the Mail Order Catalogue stores .It is clearly stated however just what they are selling.

  Yokel 20:01 24 Mar 2007

Thanks for your thoughts folks.
I think you have it Brigadier Sir.

It was Dab's refusal to acknowledge or comment that irked as much as the act. At least I have a fully functioning item.

  royalflush 01:00 26 Mar 2007

Bought a new speaker system from them turned out that is was a returned stock from another customer there was parts missing & i paid full price of £80...i emailed them & got such a hostile reponse i wont use them again & i never did..

  spuds 11:29 26 Mar 2007

I assume that the speaker system was a on-line purchase, otherwise you may have noticed the box had been tampered with at time of purchase, if in-store.

Personally, had I received an hostile reply after spending £80, I would have taken the matter very seriously and further plus asked for recompense. I once received poor PCW customer in-store service to a complaint, took it up with head office,pointed out a few consumer law facts and the matter was soon resolved.

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