returning opened item to Ebuyer?

  chiversUnlimited 17:29 30 Apr 2015


In an uncharacteristic bout of enthusiasm, I decided to upgrade my home network and ordered a pair of Zyxel homeplug powerline network adapters from Ebuyer. They're described as being up-to 1000mbps technology.

They duly arrived and I tested them out by copying a 1GB file from one PC to another. This took around four and a half minutes, which by my arithmetic is a throughput of around 30mbps. Now I never expected 1000mbps, but I never dreamed it could be as low as 30.

Copying the same file over my N300 wireless network only takes a minute and a half, so my homeplug "upgrade" is completely useless.

My first thought was to return them to Ebuyer as a 7-day contract cancellation. However I've just read on Ebuyer's policy page that they only accept contract cancellation returns if an item is unopened. I've taken really good care of them and kept them spotless, but seeing as the box had a cellophane wrapper it'd be hard to argue that they're unopened.

Any tips on what I can do? I can think of these ideas:

1) proceed with the contract cancellation return and feign ignorance at them having been opened. Possibly fail to get refund and lose postage costs too.

2) return as faulty on the grounds of unacceptable performance. Possibly spend weeks / months of time arguing and preparing for small claims court.

3) flog them on eBay and hope the next purchaser has better wiring than my house.

4) send them to landfill, and go to the pub and drown my sorrows.

I guess I could ask eBuyer customer support for advice, but I suspect they have their own interests at heart rather than mine :-/

thanks in advance for your ideas!

  alanrwood 18:24 30 Apr 2015

They are not entitled to make such a requirement. You legally have the right to examine goods purchased by mail order and this obviously involves opening the item.

Advise them that you are rejecting the goods and returning the item for a FULL refund. You will have to pay the return carriage as the item could be classed as not faulty. If faulty eBuyer would have to pay the return carriage.

If you have any problem simply advise them you will take it to the Small Claims Court and that they will also be responsible for your costs.

  hastelloy 09:35 01 May 2015

I have returned "used" items to eBuyer (as they didn't do what it said on the tin) and had no problems.

I'd contact them and ask for an RMA so you can return them at their expense.

  chub_tor 13:05 02 May 2015

I have never had a problem with returning opened and used goods to Ebuyer. The on line process is simple and swift to get an RMA number, often free return lables are available, sometimes a chat with a technical rep is necessary but always I have had a good response. Getting your money back takes a bit longer, on occasion as long as 3 weeks before the money is back in my account. If you treat them fairly then they will respond in kind.

  alstonalvin 06:28 02 Jun 2015

You have the right to cancel the contract at any time up to the end of 7 working days after you receive the goods To exercise your right of cancellation, you must give written notice to the Supplier by hand, post, fax, email or via the Returns on Line section of website, giving details of the goods ordered and (where appropriate) their delivery. Notification by phone is not sufficient.

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