Returning my printer to PC World

  magic 13:03 09 Feb 2003

I bought a printer about 3 months ago from PC World and it was fine until last week and now has stopped functioning altogether.

I would like to bring it back to PC World and request a repair or replacement, unfortunatley, I have lost my receipt for this item.

Can anyone advise on my rights without a receipt?
Am I still entitled to a repair or replacement without receipt?

Also, where does the manufacturers warranty come into it? (which I beleieve is 1 year).
Can I send it back to Lexmark directly for repair if I bought it from a reseller?

Any advice would be appreciated.

  Eagie 13:32 09 Feb 2003

I have had a look at pc service call click here who look after PC World's aftersales support and they say that Lexmark service their own products:

Lexmark™ contact information
Lexmark International Ltd
Westhorpe House
Little Marlow Road

This machine is serviced by Lexmark™

click here
Inkjet Support 0208 280 1701

Laser / Other Support 01628 480 640

Fax 01628 481 894

Not sure where you stand without having a reciept though.

Hope this helps in some way.


  Djohn 13:41 09 Feb 2003

magic, PC World will have taken your details when you bought the printer, I'm sure a polite request will provide you with a copy. J.

  rickf 13:43 09 Feb 2003

However, your contract is with the reseller PCW and you should not have to contact Lexmark yourself. Bring it to PCW and ask them to sort it out for you. If you bought your printer by cc your statement could serve as a receipt but it would be best to locate the original in case PCW makes a fuss. Hope it works out.

  spuds 17:51 09 Feb 2003

Your receipt can consist of a credit card voucher, if you purchased via a credit card.PC World hold all sales records in store for one month, after that time, all records are transfared to head office. I had a similar experience of returning faulty inkjet cartridges without the receipt.The store staff could not really assist me, except by offering a 50% on replacement cartridges.The actual full refund was completed via head office with my written proof of purchase date and time.If you try Lexmark direct, I think that you will find that they will required actual proof of purchase.Worth trying PCW first, things may turn out simple in the end.Failing that consult Lexmark.

  spuds 18:30 09 Feb 2003

Should have been-offering a 50% discount on replacement cartridges.

  carver 20:37 09 Feb 2003

How did you pay for it,credit card/ debit card/cheque?,any of these and you should have some form of bank statement with a date and amount paid on it.Any thing with these details on will serve as a receipt, so don't let PC World tell you any different.If you paid by cash then it's a case of being very nice to them ,also any complaint is with PC World and not the manufactures.

  LastChip 23:11 09 Feb 2003

However, the product as failed to be of merchantable quality if it has only lasted three months, as any reasonable person would expect longer service than that. (Or have you been using it 24 hours a day for the duration? ;-))

Seriously, they may kick up about not having a receipt, but the onus is clearly on PCW to put things right for you, and the bottom line is, they know it!

  MichelleC 08:33 10 Feb 2003

What's actually wrong with printer? Won't turn on at all, or is there some life?

  magic 09:27 10 Feb 2003

Just to clarify, I paid by debit card so I will have a look for the statement and bring that along when I go to see them.
I think that should be enough as I still have the priginal packaging with PC World pricing labels on it.

With regard to the printer itself, the pc is telling me there is a communications error every time I go to print. I have checked the usb port on my pc with other peripherals -aok. Have swapped leads in case it was a faulty lead - wont work with any.
Am inclined to think the USB connection on the printer itself is loose/faulty.

Any thoughts? (though I guess this has turned into a helproom query now).
Thanks for all your suggestions so far.

  TECHNODIMWIT 09:55 10 Feb 2003

have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers for the printer.

(sorry if teaching to suck eggs)


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