Returning an item back to sller

  Archie44 00:15 07 Feb 2017

I bought an item from amazon market seller and the item is faulty. The seller has organized a courier to pick up the item and have it shipped back to them. I have been sent a returns label, and have become a little weary. Should enclose any paperwork and should i ask for a receipt from the courier

Many thanks for any advice

  Archie44 00:16 07 Feb 2017

sorry about the title should be seller i do have eyesight problems which is part of my disability

  rickf 09:02 07 Feb 2017

I shouldn't worry too much. Amazon is usually very good at refunding.

  alanrwood 10:00 07 Feb 2017

Yes but this is not Amazon, it is a market seller. I would print another copy of the return note and get a signature from the courier. No harm done but it does cover the possibility of the courier misplacing it.

  Menzie 12:41 07 Feb 2017

Amazon is usually very good at refunds even from sellers on the site.

For returning having a receipt from the courier will speed up the process should things go awry. Also if possible take a picture of the item as proof that it was handed over in perfect condition.

I have had two instances myself in all my years using Amazon where sellers didn't deliver (quite literally nothing showed up). In both instances Amazon refunded me and I was able to buy from another vendor on there and get my product.

  Burn-it 13:41 07 Feb 2017

I'll second that!

  Smudge120 15:39 07 Feb 2017

So will I. Contacted seller who could not supply a replacement. Refund was quickly made to my credit card. Arrange the item from another seller through Amazon

  Archie44 17:12 07 Feb 2017

Thank you for your advice

I did get a receipt from the courier

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