returning faulty goods

  myoptic 14:32 02 Aug 2007

I bought graphic card, it was DOA, returned for refund, initially refunded for the cost of card but not original postage, contacted about this and was then refunded the return postage but not original postage. after persisting was told that they could only refund what i had originally paid and the rest would be credited to my account with them.
I thought that if goods are faulty you are entitled to full refund plus the return postage.
Am i wrong

  Diemmess 18:11 02 Aug 2007

No perhaps, but mostly Yes!
There is small print somewhere where carriage is not tied to buyers rights.

The fact that you have had a refund and your own costs of returning the card seem fair to me.

Sooner or later one side gives up the battle.

Unscrupulous firms will pither and fiddle and perhaps not even reply hoping the customer will run out of steam.

I suppose you could try and have a total refund, but there comes a point where pursuing the last penny may bring no result and harden the seller's response to future sales making them less responsive to others.

Where the original cost was small, I have had two instances (one was nothing to do with computers), I was told not to return the item because the cost to them paying my return carriage, would make the loss to them still greater.

  spuds 22:33 02 Aug 2007
  myoptic 13:39 06 Aug 2007

Thanks for the info, i have already been in contact with consumerdirect re this.
I am entitled to a full refund (including postage) under the sale of goods act and also the return postage has to be refunded as stated in DSR's and this is stated in the etailers T&C's. I will continue with this until all money has been returned, mainly taking this route because the etailer initially gave partial refund and then ignored all email enquiries until i posted the story on their support forums and then they responded immediately cofirming that i was indeed entitled all the money stated but that they were unable to refund more than i had paid initially.
I prefer not to deal with companies that use the Jeffery Archer business model and now Tekheads have been added to the list.

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