Returning a contract mobile phone after use

  t.long 20:41 31 Jul 2009

I came to the end of my contract with Three last week and upgraded from an N95 to an N97. However the N97 is having trouble getting a signal - 3g or gsm. This seems to be a fairly common complaint with the N97.

As I can not get a signal I wish to return the phone - I am within the 14 day cooling off period - however the phone is used. Whilst it seems a lot of N97 are working properly I do not wish to take the risk of getting a replacement so would like to revert to my N95 which I still have. Or possible cancel the contract and move to another provider.

Before I call Three I am wondering if anyone with any experiance of returning a contract mobile knows how this will play out? Sorry if the question is a little vague, but would appreciate any ones comments/advice.

  SB23 20:58 31 Jul 2009

If its not doing what it was purchased to do, go and explain that where you got it from.
They won't bite.

  dagnammit 22:38 31 Jul 2009

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May be of relevance.

My own view is that you cannot now cancel the upgrade. You can claim a faulty handset and possibly ask for a different model of phone. (Who knows as that model is pretty pricey they may let you switch. try N86?) It seems the T&C's prohibit you from returning a handset that has been used. Your only angle is that it is faulty.

Oh and if it's a fairly common problem then Nokia will no doubt have a firmware patch for it before long.

  birdface 23:32 31 Jul 2009

My Daughter and husband and their daughter just canceled their three[3]contract because of the poor signal!! In some cases the signal was there but they could not receive incoming calls.This went on for a good six weeks with the excuse that Three were trying to tap into the orange signal because they were having trouble with there own signals.
There seems to be complaints from all over the uk about poor signal so maybe not just down to the phones.
Try putting the sim card back in your old phone and see if the signal is any better.
I used to always use this site when looking for a new phone. The Nokia 97 gets a 5 star review which is excellent.

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  Stuartli 10:03 01 Aug 2009

Some of the user reviews on your link are not exactly complimentary.

  birdface 11:01 01 Aug 2009

You are right.A lot of happy users but a few dissapointed ones.Wonder why it still got the 5 star treatment.Usually when looking for myself I look at all of the reviews.But not last night. Thanks for picking it up.

  birdface 12:45 01 Aug 2009

[I am within the 14 day cooling off period ]If within the 14 day cooling off period take it back and either change the phone or the contract.You cannot check the phone if you don't use it.

  Stuartli 15:49 01 Aug 2009

Perhaps because the intention is to try and persuade people to buy through the provided sales links.....

  t.long 18:03 01 Aug 2009

Just tp update this,

the phone itself - apart from the reception - is great. Yes it has some quirks and some things should be changed, for example you need to "push down" to scroll contacts, but "push up" to scroll webpages.

I think the five star rating has a lot to do with 1) not wanted to give Nokia a bad review, 2) all phones are a compromise, and if a phone gives you want you want its five star.

Regarding the reception issue, I have talked with three and they have agreed the phone is faulty and want it sent back for repair/replacement. So we will have to see what comes of it.

The issue of checking phones is a contentous one, Three have a look but dont use policy on phones - not sure how rigid they are on it, and truth be told if you dont make any calls/texts etc how could they know. The problem is how can truely check a phone without making use of it?

I am quite happy with the contract, providing its with the N97. The issue for me will be if Three are unable to repair/replace it with one that works. In which case I would like to change the contract as I had to go on a slightly more expensive one than I needed to qualify for the N97. Also if it makes any difference I did pay "towards" the N97.

  dagnammit 21:57 01 Aug 2009

I'd simply demand replacement with a new phone. It's less than 14 days... don't accept repairs incase you do have a lemon.

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