return XBOX game to ASDA

  iqs 13:33 02 Feb 2011


I purchased a pre-owned XBOX 360 game from ASDA this morning.
When I got home I tried the disc out.The disc was making a load vibrating noise,I removed the disc and tried another,well I tried 3.All were noise free.

I returned the game to ASDA,it was about 1.5 hours later.
I had the receipt and asked for a refund,as there were no more copies of this game.

I was told,that ASDA will not refund on a pre-owned game,even one that might be faulty.

After a few minutes of the ASDA staff member phoning his manager,they agreed to action a refund this time only.

Can ASDA refuse a refund on a faulty item,even if is was pre-owned.Also there was no sign-age stating that pre-owned game are non refundable.

This hasn't put me off purchasing future games from ASDA,the staff member was very helpful,its just are they correct?


  birdface 14:06 02 Feb 2011

I went back to asda's with a faulty can of de-icer yesterday as there was no nozzle on it.
I told them that I bought it at xmas and had not used it.
Have you got the receipt they said.
I said don't be silly I bought it at Xmas time and don't have a receipt.
Well we cannot change it for you without a receipt.
Don't be silly I said.
With that she changed her mind and said well this time only.
All for a £1.50 can of de-icer.

  iqs 14:43 02 Feb 2011

Hi buteman,thanks for the reply.

Usually ASDA are one of the better stores when it comes to exchanges and refunds.The game only cost £5,I don't spend more then £10 on pre-owned games for this reason.
I had the receipt,and was returned within a few hours,not days.
I assumed that it wouldn't been an issue,but I was wrong.

I will send ASDA a polite email,not to complain but to highlight my concerns about faulty pre-owned games and their returns/exchange regulations.


  birdface 16:18 02 Feb 2011

Yes I agree with you they used to be Ok with returns but not as good now.

  spuds 16:37 02 Feb 2011

Funny that you should mention this, because a very similar incident happened at our local Asda recently, when one of the staff refused to replace the faulty playstation item, that the customer and neighbour of mine had not long bought.

Junior manager became involved, and was talking about "this time only refund". The neighbour telephoned Trading Standards on their mobile, handed the mobile to the junior manager, and an instant refund (without "this time only") was given.

  iqs 18:43 03 Feb 2011

Hi spuds
It shouldn't take a phone call to trading standards for a store to adhere to trading laws,but it seems most stores think they know better ,in my opinion.

Just an update,received a generic reply today,stating the usual,my comments have been taken on board,and someone will contact me in due course.

Wonder what they will say???


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