return goods(under no 16 day money back )

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 15:06 24 Jan 2006

i know this isnt pc related brought i brought a mobile phone from argos they told me at till this item is not covered buy there 16 day money back thing. I feel the phone has a fault on it as it will not send text and i am not happy with it aswell as its not what i thought it was. will it be possible under the comusmer rights to return it and get it replaced for a different model how do i stand on this with my rights as a buyer i put this thread up as i would like to have some idea where i stand before i contact argos.

  Forum Editor 15:14 24 Jan 2006

to take the phone back simply because you don't like it, or because it isn't what you thought it was. When you buy something in a shop you have ample time to study it, and/or its specifications.

If there's something wrong with the phone itself - a manufacturing fault - that's a different matter, and you are certainly entitled to a replacement or a repair. Make absolutely sure that it isn't working before you go back to Argos, they have the right to inspect and test it before making any refund or giving you a replacement.

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 15:36 24 Jan 2006

i think the phone has a fault on it as followed the instructions to the letter and it will not send texts my account is up and running with the servive provider network checked, they ar welcome to test it if they want hope they have more luck than me and my technicaly phone maniac daughter lol.its handy to know where people stand on these matters thank u

  pj123 16:35 24 Jan 2006

I always thought Argos gave you an option to return any item without reason?

  spuds 17:05 24 Jan 2006

Argos have now stopped the option of returning certain items under their 16 days rule on certain goods. To many people, buying goods like mobiles, then taking them back for a refund.

If the item as a genuine fault, they will give a replacement or refund straight away, depending on stock.I purchased an electric guitar from them about six months ago, had a slight fault,contacted the manufacturers helpline (very good)and they suggested the item had a fault. Back to Argos, told them what the manufacturer had stated. Ten minutes later. on my way with another guitar and new warranty.

  pavvi 18:42 24 Jan 2006

go into a cpw or 4 u store and get them to check whether you have the correct sms service number...incorrect service numbers are a very common reason for this fault...whch if it's at the heart isn't actually a fault with the phone....

  SG Atlantis® 19:22 24 Jan 2006

I have always found argos to be the easiest place to exchange without having to give a reason! They always take you at your word with warranty issues as well, well they have done with me.

As stated products outside this additional guarantee fall into normal consumer laws. You are entitled to a repair, refund or an exchange if the item is faulty but it's upto Argos, not you.

  oresome 21:16 24 Jan 2006

I always thought the idea of the 16 day return warranty was because you don't have the opportunity to inspect items at Argos prior to purchase. You're purchasing from a catalogue description in most instances with no advise from knowledgable staff.

Their prices used to reflect this lack of pre sales service, but they now seem much the same as many other outlets to me.

  SG Atlantis® 22:02 24 Jan 2006

You can inspect the goods first!

Go to customer service and ask for a viewing, the guy will bring the goods down and show you the contents, I have done this with purchases where I didn't which one I wanted. I got them to bring down the items in question that I wanted to look at, I have it done a few times.

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 15:41 25 Jan 2006

just an update chaps went back to argos told them the problem they gave me a full refund and i dident even have to ask for it.very nice people, well brought a diferent model its up and running a ok even got a bonus with it free picture messaging for the next 30 days wow now i cand send naked pics of me to my misses of me lol

  SG Atlantis® 17:26 25 Jan 2006

Argos are one of the easiest places to exchange and refund, and good luck with the new photography. Please, please don't post any pictures!


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