Return of 9800 Pro for Refund?

  aca 07:56 12 Feb 2005

Purchased above card from Lowestonweb.(Evesham).

Cannot get past crashes (Only in 3d games). Have followed installation guide to the letter. Exceed system spec (PSU/temp ok/RAM ok etc).

Followed ATI/Microsoft troubleshoot guide. Endless forum advice. Tried everything.

Seems like underlying problem is that my mb chipset (Via) does not get on with ATI card. Illustrated by the fact that by putting my old card back in (Geforce3) games run trouble free.

2 Questions
a) I feel that I should be entitled to a full refund. Am I?

b) Lowestonweb haven't replied to e-mail, what next?


  Diodorus Siculus 08:08 12 Feb 2005

a) - did you specify that it should be compatible with your chipset when you made the purchase?

b) - can you telephone them? Write to them?

You may find that if you want to swap the ATI card for an nvidia they may be helpful but I don't think that you have the right to get a refund unless it is within 7 days of taking delivery. If it is within the 7 days you may well be able to return it during the "cooling off period" as prescribed in the distance selling regulations.

  aca 08:20 12 Feb 2005

No didnt specify compatible but on the other hand nothing on the site indicated that specific chipset was required. As I have a fairly common MB and Via is such a well known chip manufacturer I assumed that there would be no problem.

Will call them but only number is support no. at £1 a minute? Bargain.....

  bremner 08:21 12 Feb 2005

The law explained in understanable terms click here

  Diodorus Siculus 08:31 12 Feb 2005

My other question: how long have you had it?

  aca 09:00 12 Feb 2005

Since early January

  Diodorus Siculus 09:20 12 Feb 2005

In which case you are unlikely to have much redress - write to the vendor and see what they suggest.

  josie mayhem 13:08 12 Feb 2005

I had this problem with the fx range of nvidia cards, my abit mobo just don't like them whats so ever, and the radeon works wonders on it.

Sadly you've missed out of the distance selling regulation, by time and my understanding of it, what ever you've brought must be still in oridganal packaging and unused.

I ponder whather 'Fit for the purpose' might better suit.

If the site gave a list of what makes a item compatiablle (which you say your specs comformed to this and higher) and they haven't informed you that there could be a chip issue, with a certain type of chip. Then surly they have sold you something that isn't fit for the purpose that you brought it for (unless of course you brought it to dry washing with!)

I would aim from this direction and ask if you could swap it with a nvidia based card, then they would themselfs have really nothing to loose, you will properly be liable for all postage invovled, but that would be far better than being stuck with a card you can't use or loose money by having to sell it at a second hand price.

  smoothcue 14:38 12 Feb 2005

I run two pc's with via chipsets,both with Ati Radeon 9800 Pro's,no problems whatsoever,I dont believe there is a conflict between Via and Ati.

  aca 22:51 12 Feb 2005

thanks smoothcue.

an exception doesnt prove the rule, either way. The fact is with my pc I cant run the 9800 card. If you go to Via/Asus forums and do search on ATI you will see I am not alone in having problems. I like others seem to have gone through hrs of troubleshooting to no avail. I am pleased that you have not experienced problems. I dont know whether problems occur with specific specs and chipset combinations.

My PC is 2 days into running with my old Ti500 and I have not had one BSOD. The only thing I have changed is guess what.....starts with 9 and ends in 0.

I have got RMA from lowestontheweb but dont hold out a lot of hope for refund.

  smoothcue 23:27 12 Feb 2005

Its a tricky one aca.

I would try for a replacement card if they are willing ,I would suggest one of the Asus Geoforce range.

I really can't see them saying that the card is not compatable with Via chipsets.

Both of my mobo's are Gigabyte,would yours be Asus?.

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