Retailers trying not to sell

  Ancient Learner 21:42 05 Jul 2005

I have tried 2 retailers this evening, trying to buy some DVD+RWs.

After doing all the ordering and completing the Visa details, the first wanted me to answer some question which I couldn't see,, something to do with my Bank wanting something to do with security, but, as I say, I couldn't see what was wanted.
I gave up.

The second did the same, a new game thought, why make buying easy when you can make it flipping hard, after all, I've just being buying clothes, and a camera recently with no trouble, and here I only want to spend about £20, so it has to be difficult! This was EBuyer, from whom I've bought in the past and the site recognised my sign in. Perhaps they are so useless that they don't know that IE is not popular anymore, (I use Opera set to mimic IE), so I try using IE and go through the whole rigmarole again. This time I find out what they do want, my secret PIN number. Well, after much deliberation, and noting that EBuyer is well known and the query purports to come from my Bank (its logo is there), I enter my PIN No., it is rejected, tried again and it was rejected as incorrect again; after the third time it said that I could no longer use the card. (I do know the PIN I used is the correct one)

To say that I am furious is an understatement. My Bank gets it tomorrow, first thing. It's probably as well it is tomorrow, I might have cooled to a point of coherence by then!

  Ancient Learner 22:06 05 Jul 2005

This is getting worse.

It's madness!

I have now received 4 Emails. 3 from EBuyer, the first noting my first order, the second accepting my first order and the third accepting my second attempt at the PIN number (There is no sign, yet, of anything to do with the third Pin attempt). The 4th Email is for my other attempt and that is accepted too ( with click here). So instead of only wanting 25 DVDs I am, at the moment, likely to receive 58!!

  spuds 22:33 05 Jul 2005

When you say PIN number, are you referring to the four digit code [which you should not disclose to anyone] or the three digit security code on the rear of your card, which some retailers will ask for, so as to validate the purchase!.

Usually after three attempts [with false or wrong information] the card will be blocked, so as to prevent fraud. The credit card company will then require notification, so as to unblock the card.

  Forum Editor 23:07 05 Jul 2005

to a third party, under any circumstances - and ebuyer (which is a highly respectable and respected company) will never ask you for it. Your bank will not ask for it via the internet either, under any circumstances, so I'm fairly confident that you were not being asked for the PIN. As for "Perhaps they are so useless that they don't know that IE is not popular anymore" - since when? IE is still the most popular web browser by far. As you found out - it works with a sophisticated shopping site, when Opera doesn't.

I'm certain that what you were required to provide was the three digit security number from the back of the card, and this is standard security practice on many (if not most) good e-commerce sites. It's intended to deter card fraud. If you tried to provide your four digit PIN it would certainly be rejected, and rightly so.

" My Bank gets it tomorrow, first thing."

You might want to sleep on that - the bank's done nothing wrong, and you might embarrass yourself if you go in with guns blazing.

  leo49 08:52 06 Jul 2005

Ebuyer operate a security validation scheme which it sounds like your Bank/Card Provider is a member of like mine [Halifax].

This requires you to enter a password[NOT PIN number and chosen by oneself and not thus able to be gleaned from the credit card itself]into a dialog box which pops up on the right of the screen.This kicks in during the buying process and is extra and different to the Ebuyer login process and to regular credit card detail it's not the 3-digit credit card validation number.

Given the paranoia re online shopping that most folk display one would have thought such actions would be welcomed rather than treated as pointless rigmarole.

  Stuartli 09:20 06 Jul 2005


This will come as a surprise to many, many millions of users....

I use Firefox now but I'm under no illusion that IE still has vastly more devotees.

Perhaps you need to study more carefully the requirements for entering your personal details - as pointed out by the FE, Spuds etc you are apparently not performing the necessary actions.

  Ancient Learner 09:22 06 Jul 2005

I think that leo49 is correct. It most certainly is not the 3 digit security number, as I had already supplied that. The wording used was something like your secret number with a reference to it being similar to the chip and pin system. Perhaps it could have been made much clearer what was required. I further admit that I vaguely remember something about a verification procedure in the past, but if I provided a number, I have no idea what it was.

Whatever you all say, I found it a very stressful affair and very frustrating. And, it didn't work anyway did it? Otherwise why have I received these messages about the 58 DVDs that I am to receive unless I can sort that out.

I'm glad I slept on it all, my telephone calls will be more coherent and controlled.

Many thanks for your comments.

  Ancient Learner 12:20 06 Jul 2005

Interesting. I had to use 3 different phone numbers and speak to 4 different people at the Visa and my bank, to get some one who could really help me. 2 people had to go away and find out about it before they passed me on, and the final person told me that the thing to do is to press the forgotten button when it will then be easy to set up another 'secret number'.

At EBuyer they were able to confirm that only one sale had been made dispite what their Emails said. The 29 DVDs winging their way to me is much better than the 58 I was afraid I was going to get.

You do jump in defence of IE don't you. Yet reading all the PC mags that I regularly see, the advise continually seems to be to use Firefox or Opera or anything but not IE, and the impression given is that the only reason that people still use IE is that they don't know any better. The shopping site was not the problem concerning Opera, it was the Bank, and same said mags often point out the poor way in which banks set up their sites to only work with IE.

  Andybear 07:30 07 Jul 2005

"same said mags often point out the poor way in which banks set up their sites to only work with IE." If IE wasn't popular, would this be the case? I've only ever used IE and have never had any problems with it. The same goes for various friends. Whether you like it or not, there are millions of us out here who use it and are happy with it.

  Stuartli 09:24 07 Jul 2005

I use several financial institutions' websites and have no problems connecting, viewing and entering various security requirements.

My browser since the release of Version 1.0?


  keef66 12:57 07 Jul 2005

I just went through the same rigmarole this morning on the e-buyer website. Despite the fact I've ordered from them before, it wouldn't recognise my e-mail address so I created a new account. Paying by Barclaycard Visa it took me to an extra security page with the Barclaycard logo. Stopped me dead for a couple of minutes; in the end decided it was kosher. The text did actually mention PIN number, but the boxes I filled in were the card number, 3 digit authentication code, start and expiry dates, and my name and date of birth. Didn't ask for the PIN number, which is a good job since I don't know it. Received e-mail confirmations from e-buyer and one from Barclaycard which stopped me worrying.

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