Retailer won't support manufacturer warranty

  voncrooken 11:51 11 May 2009

I purchased a Cherry wireless keyboard & mouse just over 2 years ago which has stopped working (I think due to a faulty usb stick). I've been in touch with 2 departments at Cherry who have both confirmed that they offer a 3 year RTB warranty but this has to be done by the retailer I purchased from.

I have been in touch with Scan who say that they have only ever sold Cherry products with a 12 month warranty so there is nothing I can do.

Where do I stand on this? I don't want to have to fork out £55 for a new keyboard/mouse....

  961 11:54 11 May 2009

Try trading standards

  dagnammit 13:12 11 May 2009

Scan aren't liable...

I'd blame Cherry for a stupid stipulation in their warranty. Retailers in the UK only have to give a one year warranty by law and I don't think any would touch a keyboard amd mouse set over 2 years old.

>>cue>> someone to prove me wrong>>

  dms_05 14:26 11 May 2009

Scan seem to have fulfilled their 12 month warranty liability, after that the 3 year warranty is offered by Cherry.

Personally I'd package the faulty item with proof of purchase and post it to Cherry using a tracker to show delivery took place.

It's a perfect reason to buy nothing from Cherry.

  Kevscar1 15:03 11 May 2009

Ask Cherry to supply in writing that it has to be sent back by the retailer, then take that to Scan.

  wee eddie 15:21 11 May 2009

It's not the Port that's failed.

Have you tried the Keyboard on another PC.

  laurie53 20:00 11 May 2009

Cherry offered the warranty, it is Cherry who must honour it,

  voncrooken 20:05 11 May 2009

I'm positive it's not the port that has failed, it's most definitely the usb connector itself.

I've been on to Cherry 3 times now and they won't deal with me, only the retailer :(

  interzone55 20:29 11 May 2009

Regarding warranties - sometimes retailers and distributors buy products under different warranty conditions.

For instance when I worked for one retailer we purchased Sony products with no manufacturers warranty - this meant we could buy the products around 10% cheaper, but we couldn't return anything to Sony under warranty. For most products this was fine, as Sony products on the whole are pretty reliable, but the odd product would bite us in the bum.

This wouldn't stop a customer returning the product to Sony though.

The only reason you wouldn't be able to return a product to the manufacturer is if it's an OEM product - did your keyboard come in a plain box? If so it may be OEM and Scan will have sole responsibility for covering the warranty...

  voncrooken 20:37 11 May 2009

Nope, it is a retail product in a retail box ;)

  Kemistri 22:31 11 May 2009

dagnammit: "Scan [is]n't liable..."

Yes, it is. Though perhaps only marginally in this case. The product is only two years old, so Scan still has responsibility per its obligation to provide products that last a reasonable length of time. It could reasonably be argued, I think, that a keyboard should last a little longer than two years unless it is supposed to be a budget product (such as Ebuyer Extra Value keyboards, for instance). While the OP no longer has the benefit of the six month "presumed inherently faulty" period, Scan still has some responsibility.

In practice, the OP may not get very far if Scan asserts that it is within the SSGCR terms because he is hardly likely to take it further over a relatively small original cost - it just wouldn't be worth pushing. So this one might have to be taken on the chin if neither Scan nor Cherry play nice.

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