Results on 2 Freeview STBs

  canard 12:44 03 Dec 2003

We've got them for Xmas. Here are 2 results on same aerial - both bought from Dabs.-F2 1011T £60 and F2 FOXT £79. It's well worth the extra for F2 FOXT because [obviously] 2 scart sockets instead of 1. AND the sound is vastly better. Didn't like the £60 sound at all.
Video playback [on old non digi vids] is horrible if the STB and VHS player are connected. So have ordered keenan's recommendation click here which SHOULD sort the agro of having to switch TV scart sockets for old vid viewing and new video recording. Also you get more pix on the more expensive model STB. Parliament is visible as well as audible and piccy with radio programmes. Neither of these is a noticeable plus for viewers but there must be a boost of some sort in the more expensive STB. This could benefit in the near future but I suspect that all the irresistable/dreary extra progs will disappear when the govt has got us all digital so the only dependable benefits will be better sound and picture.

  Stuartli 15:10 03 Dec 2003

The Government, of any colour, will have little input into what is available on Freeview - it's more interested, at least in the case of New Labour, of selling off all the unused airwaves later this decade.....

Although it's our money, Blair and Co expect to continue to live in the manner to which they have become accustomed...:-)

  Stuartli 15:31 03 Dec 2003

The just launched Pioneer DTR-DT100 is £79.99 at Richer Sound or £89 delivered from click here - ordered one as a Chrissy present for my son.

I have Pioneer's only other ON/ITVDigital/Freeview set top box, the DTR 2010, and it's a real class act, far superior to the (excellent) Philips orignal offering and the Nokia Mediamaster which followed (a wonderful example of style over substance).

The 2010 is a very rare beast in the UK and I was very fortunate to land one - it's got a sleek hi-fi style design, whilst the remote control can also be set to operate a TV set of virtually any make and model.

  Stuartli 15:32 03 Dec 2003

The Pioneer DTR-DT100 has a screen saver for when radio stations are in use, can grab onscreen video pix and digital sound output if required.

  canard 23:48 09 Dec 2003

These were both used by daughter who is not listed as able to receive Freeview. However as the Dabs.-F2 1011T £60 worked perfectly well in their house they got the Goodmans Argos £70 because it has 2 scart sockets. This gave a picture which oscillated between colour and black and white. Back to Argos- spent a bit more on the Phillips which gives a good pic but NO radio channels thus coming out as not so good as F2 FOXT £79. So they added one of those booster thingummies and everything works. It certainly looks as if you can't count on getting what you pay for as the cheapest STB outperformed 2 more expensive models whilst the most expensive was NOT the best and needed extra gear.

  canard 23:56 09 Dec 2003

Incidentally keenan's recommendation of a scart video control unit is better bought at Argos. Ordered it from Littlewoods Index on Dec 2 and got an instant email saying I would be hearing from them VERY SHORTLY. Since then nada. Have emailed them and simply got 2 automated responses. However they took their dosh instanter and I hope I've succeeded in cancelling [no mechanism for this on the site].

  Stuartli 08:34 10 Dec 2003

Are the Freeview boxes you mention being fed by a wideband aerial?

Freeview reception can be remarkably inconsistent at some locations; in some areas it can be received, for instance, on one side of a street or road whilst the other side's property owners can't get it.

  canard 14:01 10 Dec 2003

Their aerial is a TV one suited to not good reception area- all I know about hers or mine! The point of all this was that the 3 boxes were tried in exactly the same conditions and the results surprised us. Incidentally the 2 way scart switch box from click here
was delivered this am [ordered Mon]. It is cheaper than the cumbersome Argos 3 way and visually much more acceptable.

  SEASHANTY 14:43 10 Dec 2003

The link you provided. The 3 way scart video control
BTECH - BT21 Mk3 @ £9-75 is the same one as in the Index Catalogue. Also same price. Its metal and excellently robust. The plastic ones are nowhere near as hardy and I do not expect they will stand up to constant switching. I got the metal one over a year ago from the Index shop ibn local shopping mall. A very good purchase.

  roygbiv 16:33 10 Dec 2003

Dont know qweather this is good or bad. I have bought but not fitted yet (perhaps later) a DAEWOO DS608P free-to-air Digital Receiver, TESCO £59.99 (plus i get clubcard pionts!!) this box has only 1 scart socket, my TV has 2 scart sockets, so i was thinking 1 for VCR, 1 for freeview.

We have a letter from the freeview people to say we are able to get freeview, but the ariel (in the attic,does this matter?) might have to be upgraded plus a new co-ax cable.

  canard 16:49 10 Dec 2003

roygbiv I'm sure you'll be OK for TV and VHS with a scart block. It only takes a few minutes to install the STB to get it working.Do let readers know how you find the Daewoo. Seashanty I'd have had the Littlewoods Index scart switchbox IF they'd been interested enough to email me and say they would send it. It would have saved queuing at Argos! However the box from Beyond Hifi is much easier to find a perch for on account of its size and the way I'm rigged up I don't seem to need to switch anything except turn of the STB for playing my now antiquated analogue music videos.

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