Restoring timelapsed PAG phone

  jack 14:36 25 Jun 2005

I have a Pas as you Go mobile phone.
It is an item I seldom use, So in checking it over prior to goimg on holiday [In UK]it was was not a total surprise to discover it had been 'Pulled'
No service.

A phone call to the help line -said tough - go buy a new Sim.

An E-mail to customer support - eliceted a response - give them the detail - phone number and SIM number and they would try to reinstate it.

The account was pulled in April, with I estimate about £15/20 credit on it.

What are the chancs of a a re instatement do you all think?

  Al94 18:22 25 Jun 2005

Probably slim - a new sim card is your best bet.

  Pooke 19:47 25 Jun 2005

Almost nil. Just get a new sim card.

O2 pay as you sims with 300 texts are on ebay for pennies! Sometimes O2 even give them away if you have signed up on their website now and again.......


  Stuartli 23:33 25 Jun 2005

I've been with Virgin PAYG for five years and originally had a Philips Savvy and now a Nokia 330 (given to me by one of the offspring).

I bought a mobile purely for emergency purposes and rarely make calls - you'll realise just how little when I tell you I've still got about £3.50 credit on only my second £10 phone card...:-)

So not only is Virgin cheaper than virtually all other providers (it uses the T-Mobile network) but there's no limit it would seem on how long your PAYG credit lasts.

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