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  ade.h 22:08 15 Apr 2004

For those of you who haven't read my recent post about Dabs not fully describing their products click here

The many of you who responded to that thread will know that I had bought a pair of Western Digital hard-disks that were not labelled as OEM, but turned out to be exactly that.

I had contacted the local Trading Standards office to bring it to their attention and get clarification on whether Dabs was in the wrong. The person I spoke to was interested and placed the matter in the hands of the Enforcement Officer.

I hadn't heard anything about it for a few weeks, so assumed it hadn't gone any further, but I was phoned this morning by the Enforcement Officer himself who said he was working with his opposite number in Bolton to raise the complaint with Dabs!!

I mentioned my post on this forum and he asked me to send a full copy, which I have done.

So it looks like something positive is happening and Dabs will get the issue raised with them formally. I do not, as yet, know the possible ramifications for Dabs, but it sounds positive.

If they are given a formal warning, or something similar, (and as I say, I don't know whether Trading Standards would consider that action in this case) then I would consider that a pretty good result!

More news as I get it....

  spuds 23:00 15 Apr 2004

Normally, if the enforcement officer contacts one of their fellow officers in another area, then that means they are taking the complaint very seriously.I think further activities will be forthcoming in due time.

  josie mayhem 23:09 15 Apr 2004

I hadn't seen your oridginal thread, so checked it out. I also followed your link to dabs. Low and behold on the first panel of there information box, right at the bottom, was something like Great value from an OME hard drive!

Reading all the thread it became apparent that this wasn't on the page when you posted the thread.

So either they took notice of your e-mail complaint or prehaps a good old slap of the wrists from Trading standards might have done the trick?

  ade.h 23:09 15 Apr 2004

That's what I suspected, spuds. The guy who phoned me said he had looked at the Dabs website in detail and was obviously concerned. He also said that his Bolton counterpart is now on holiday, so it might be a couple of weeks before I here of any resolution.

  Sir Radfordin 23:11 15 Apr 2004

On the whole my experience of Trading Standards is an organisation that is working very hard to make sure things are done right. Perhaps an example to every other government body around??

  Rayuk 17:28 16 Apr 2004

Just had a quick peep,and yes the oem bit I think has been added lately,but it still doesnt openly state you are buying an oem product.

  ade.h 21:49 17 Apr 2004

Just had a fresh look at the relevant product page click here. The new addition reads;

"What can you expect from an OEM Product?, click here to learn more" click here

This seems to be the kind of generic advice link you might see on any product page.

More news as I get it.

  Stuartli 15:43 18 Apr 2004

Your second dabs link, not surprisingly, contains many of the points I have raised in the forums in the past regarding OEM products and the reasons why they are, more often than not, supplied by online retailers.

What it doesn't explain is why, not long after I bought a Special Edition WD600JB late last year for £66, I could have had the WD800JB (80GB) version for the same price...:-((((

Seriously, the way HDD prices keep falling is almost unbelieveable - a 120GB drive today from a top brand is around the same price as I paid for a WD 20GB drive little more than two years ago.

  Hunte® 15:57 18 Apr 2004

I read a page similar to that on Dabs website last year. To me it makes it clear that a product will be OEM unless it states its RP in the product description.

  ade.h 17:35 18 Apr 2004

No, it does not make it clear. Trading Standards doesn't think so, or it wouldn't be investigating my complaint. Have a look at my original thread; I pointed out that the page in question had no reference to OEM when I bought the hard-disks in March. Some pages on Dabs DO mention OEM status, therefore it is understandable to believe that a product is Retail spec unless unambiguously stated otherwise. OEM status should be stated clearly alongside any OEM product.

  Hunte® 09:01 19 Apr 2004

Well i'm sorry for having an opinion that differs to yours. Perhaps this isn't allowed.

You are also infering here that OEM products are inferior to the RP products. They are usually the same product without any fancy packaging or fitting instructions. The physical product inside the box is usually the same.

If the Dabs description said that the drive would come with cables, screws, instructions and possibly some software, and you were supplied OEM then I feel you have a major case (as these are not supplied with most OEM kit). If it didn't then you should always assume they won't be.

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