resale pcadvisor discs

  uesquebeathus 17:45 27 Mar 2007

what about this, a local advert in a sales paper for
Pc Advisor Cd Roms. 51 CD-Roms. Packed With Quality Software Price: £26

cheap at half the price

  rodriguez 18:14 27 Mar 2007

Doesn't it say somewhere on the discs "Not for resale"? Not that anyone takes any notice anyway...

  Jimmy14 18:17 27 Mar 2007

On the dvd it says, "Not to be sold seperately".

  Totally-braindead 18:17 27 Mar 2007

Mine go in the bin. Its really a bit daft buying them anyway as a lot of the software needs to be registered to get a serial number and if the disks are more than a couple of months old you can't register them as the site no longer exists. Most of the rest is available as a free download or trial from elsewhere.
Waste of money in my opinion.

  uesquebeathus 19:00 27 Mar 2007

obviously the guy hopes that no one knows that the software must be registered within a certain time , he has another lot for another magazine but he wants more money for them

  jack 17:50 28 Mar 2007

He is welcome to try -some tyro will think them a bargain

I have all my '98 one bundled up and tucked away - you never know- some one one day ............

  pj123 17:58 29 Mar 2007

As Totally-braindead says. Mine go in the bin, or sometimes I put them in to a charity shop and are sold for 10p each. The latest one was sent to a Forum member who needed something that was only on the DVD issue.

  bjh 11:26 30 Mar 2007

"he has another lot for another magazine but he wants more money for them".....

Thus proving the guy has no taste in magazines???

  Demora 12:57 30 Mar 2007

Or any scruples. Some of the cd programs require registration online or code is in the magazine/time limited.


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