Request to reinstall software - is this usual?

  Mike D 09:31 18 Sep 2008

I will not mention any company name here because I am hoping to resolve this amicably. However, I do have a question based on what I have been told by the company. Five weeks ago we purchased some educational software, 11 titles on CD and 2 downloaded titles - all from the same company (who are the publishers). As per usual, the software can only be installed on one pc and must be activated online. I have no problem with this, but the laptop is not the best machine (both mechanically and location-wise) so I want to uninstall and reinstall on a desktop. When I rang the company to ask how I would go about reactivating the software I was told that I would have to repurchase the licences at full price. When I pointed out that we had spent over £250 a few weeks ago, I was offered 50% off.
Any thought on this situation? Even Microsoft let you move their software (not OEM, obviously) and reactivate it.

  Simsy 09:47 18 Sep 2008

I bought Omnipage Pro 14 a good while back. It has to be activated online, and can only be used on one PC.

However, if you uninstall it, part of it's process is, (or at least seems to be), that during the uninstall process the software goes online and "unactivates" so that it can then be activated again on another machine.

I don't suppose this helps you, unless it's Omnipage you have, (And it doesn't seem like it!)

A careful read of the Eula terms is in order I would think.

Good luck,



  Mike D 09:53 18 Sep 2008

I'll get my glasses out. It's not Omnipage, the software is not what you might call mainstream, and I suppose that is the nub of the matter.

Thanks anyway.

  lofty29 09:57 18 Sep 2008

Seems somewhat harsh by this company, what if the pc had gone for a burton shortly after installation, they seem to behaving rather as if it is OEM than full retail.

  HondaMan 10:39 18 Sep 2008

re-installing it on the other machine?

  Mike D 15:36 18 Sep 2008


Before the software starts to install it "phones home" to activate and apparently there is some sort of database which discerns that you are using s different pc.


As you say, its not OEM and, whilst I say its not mainstream, it is intended for home use.

I will be talking to the comapny again tomorrow and I will keep you posted.


  Forum Editor 17:43 18 Sep 2008

is that a software company may put any terms it likes into its licence agreement - the premise being 'if you don't agree with the terms don't buy the software'.

I've argued with Microsoft about this in the past, my point being that most people don't see the licence agreement until they start installing the software, and if they don't agree with the terms they are in a difficult position - no retailer will refund on software once the pack has been opened. I suggested to Microsoft that it put the most important terms - the ones that relate to multiple installations on the box, so they would be clearly visible to anyone before any money changed hands. That was a year or so ago, and I'm still waiting for a response.

None of that helps you, and I'm afraid I have no good news - the software company concerned doesn't have to allow installation on a second machine, even though you assure it that you've uninstalled from the first machine. You might want to tell them from me that they should make this aspect of their licence very clear at the point of sale, so prospective purchasers have the opportunity to back off.

  Mike D 21:46 18 Sep 2008

Thanks for your input. I agree that licence terms should be made more accessible - mind you, how many of us would read them anyway, but at least then we would only have ourselves to blame in the event of this type of problem. I will tick this thread as resolved, but after I have tried once again with the software company, I will post an update.

  Mike D 12:25 19 Sep 2008

An amicable agreement has been reached betwixt moi and the software publishing company. I can understand their stance now and in future I will read licences more fully. So thanks to you all.


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