Reporting a site for 'false advertising'...I think

  Fateful Shadow 18:55 02 Jul 2005

I'm not sure if it's false advertising, but it seems like an out and out BT Openworld scam!

Take a look at this site... click here

Now here's the catch, we don't have broadband. How can we have those 'comments' when we don't have it? And notice how they seem to all love BT Openworld...

Is there much point in informing someone? It just seems as though this is giving BT a hugely unfair advantage as these comments are physically impossible due to the lack of high speed connections!

Thanks :)

  ade.h 19:53 02 Jul 2005

If what you are saying is correct (that residents of Highley cannot receive DSL) then this would certainly appear to be a false claim. Before, contacting the Advertising Standards Authority (which is, I think, the relevant organisation for press and internet advertising as well as TV/radio), contact BT first to ask if DSL is available in the area in question. If it isn't, then perhaps there is a case to be answered. What is the exact nature of this website? i.e. who is responsible for it? Does BT have any association with it? Is BT's logo, name, etc. used with or without its knowledge and approval? It may not be deliberate on the part of BT, or indeed be BT's fault at all.

Find out more about this site, and then contact the ASA if you still have cause for concern. If someone (BT or otherwise) is making a false claim, then the ASA will be interested.

  wee eddie 22:35 02 Jul 2005

None of them actually say that their connection is in Highley.

Neat really!

  Stuartli 23:05 02 Jul 2005

I don't think there is any question of false advertising.

According to this website, broadband activation in Highley occurred on June 15th:

click here

  Stuartli 23:09 02 Jul 2005

If you want to check your (small) local exchange's planned/potential upgrading, go to:

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:01 03 Jul 2005

I assume a humbling apology is due.


  Stuartli 00:17 03 Jul 2005

Bit harsh...:-)

It's only just been enabled, although the advertising is standard format from the source.

  Taff36 00:22 03 Jul 2005

click here It would appear not from Fateful Shadows original post conclusion.

  Forum Editor 01:38 03 Jul 2005

1. As far as I can see the site is not operated directly by BT. The domain name is registered to Winchester Consultancy Ltd at an address in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. It's entirely possible that this is a PR consultancy acting for BT of course, and in view of the fact that there's a site for pretty well every county in Britain I think we may assume that BT OpenWorld might possibly be involved in some way - although I could be completely wrong

2. BT is unlikely to falsify customer comment.

3. There are no claims made in the customer-response texts, they simply purport to be expressed opinion, and as long as the people are real, and they actually said those things, nothing is wrong.

The only false note in my mind is that the opening paragraphs of two of the responses are identical:

"Joining BTOpenWorld is one of the best things I've done this year."

Surely, the odds in favour of two different people coming up with exactly the same form of words must be pretty low? The more so because identical testimonials appear on every county site - just the name of the town/village is changed.

There's a massive smell of rat, isn't there?

  ayrmail 09:50 03 Jul 2005

Surely not, although not sure where Highley and Wilmslow are this is just a case of two identical twins being interviewed on different occasions and coming up with the same comment. Anyone with this ISP will no doubt concur that they have "Not had any connectivity problems at all, online 24/7"
Why the mere thought of such a global organisation being involved in a scam,next you will be telling me that I shouldn't be "loving it" every lunch time!

Just wanted to let you know that BTOpenWorld has been ideal for me. Not had any connectivity problems at all, online 24/7
Crystal S
Highley - UK

Just wanted to let you know that BTOpenWorld has been ideal for me. Not had any connectivity problems at all, online 24/7
Crystal A
Wilmslow - UK

  Fateful Shadow 11:06 03 Jul 2005

Stuartli, If it was enabled I wouldn't be bringing up this point here now would I?

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