Replicazone - Anyone had dealings with them?

  smokingbeagle 13:50 11 Mar 2009

I want to buy a replica Rolex from
click here

Has anyone dealt with them? Good, bad, indifferent?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:08 11 Mar 2009

Everything on that site is illegal in the UK. If you cannot afford the real thing why try to impress with copies?


  tullie 15:55 11 Mar 2009


  interzone55 16:48 11 Mar 2009

Yes, very illegal.

They're ripping off others trademarks...

  jimv7 16:52 11 Mar 2009

A rolls by any other name is not a rolls.

  smokingbeagle 19:43 11 Mar 2009

A breach of Trademark Rights remedied in civil courts probably - now having done a bit of research.
As for gandalf, do you stop people in the streets wearing fake gold (coloured) jewellery to foist your opinions on them? If I try to "impress", it is my choice to so do. The anonymity of a forum is no reason to inflict your "bravery" on other posters.

  interzone55 21:14 11 Mar 2009

Fake gold jewellery is not always easy to spot - a fake Rolex sticks out like a sore thumb.

They have rubbish straps that fit together well, and they are obviously quartz - the second hand is the giveaway...

  Shuffty 22:15 11 Mar 2009


The anonymity of a forum is also not the place to post links to web sites if they are engaged in illegal activites

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:59 12 Mar 2009

Sorry for trying to point out the obvious illegality of buying FAKE watches. Also having an opinion that people who wear fakes are somewhat lacking in the self-esteem stakes is not being brave, just realistic. You could always save up to buy a real one.

As an aside, my grandfather always said that every person should have at least one expensive watch so that they would realise the cost of time.


  MAJ 01:45 14 Mar 2009

Anyone who is impressed by someone wearing a Rolex, real or otherwise, must be pretty sad and probably isn't worth trying to court.

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