Replacement is refurbished?

  Cara2 21:17 13 Mar 2006

Diagnostic equipment at work - handset went faulty (bought September).

Having received replacement, I have just noticed on invoice that replacement is a refurbished unit. (In addition we had to pay postage to return faulty unit).

I paid for a new unit. I am now bugged that replacement is a refurb. What do you think?


  Diodorus Siculus 22:03 13 Mar 2006

It's been about 6 months, give or take since you bought it so you are probably on the borderline for a refurb.

That the way monitors go nowadays at least.

Is the replacement in good condition?

  Stuartli 22:30 13 Mar 2006

I once bought a TDK Vortex CD rewriter (actually a rebadged Plextor) which went faulty after a couple of weeks; it had to go back to TDK's HQ in Luxembourg at the firm's expense.

The replacement was an older, reburbished unit so I immediately complained, citing the Sales of Goods Act etc. TDK's UK office stated the warranty matched that of Plextor (its own decision to repair or replace) but, to its credit, arranged for the Luxembourg cent to send me a new one.

The new replacement suffered the same fault about four months later and, again it went back to Luxembourg.

This time TDK sent me the latest, twice as fast CyClone (value £189 at the time) because the Vortex was discontinued.

It was a rebadged Samsung and has never given me a minute's trouble since it arrived.

The original Vortex purchase was £68...:-)

However, the main point I intended to make is that the Plextor guarantee, according to TDK, was that drives were only replaced with a new model if it went faulty within the first fortnight of ownership and it was merely following suit....:-(

To be frank I told TDK exactly what I thought of this policy and, to its credit, it responded as befits a long respected company should do.

  spuds 22:31 13 Mar 2006

That's the general rule of the game nowadays.The faulty unit is either repaired or replaced for a refurbished unit, which should be 'equivelent too or better than' the original unit.

In some cases, like a purchase from Argos, a straight swap-over would be given, depending on supplies and stock levels.

  namtas 22:39 13 Mar 2006

I would have accepted my own unit repaired but I would be making noises if I got someone elses unit back. But it depends on the small print of the warranty. Challenge or seek proper advice.

  Cara2 23:00 13 Mar 2006

Thanks for your replies.

The Handset looks new, I have to say - only the invoice stated 'refurbed'. But I am still unhappy. Either mine should have been repairable or a new one supplied in my view. I will certainly be challenging it.


  spuds 10:12 14 Mar 2006

Due to manufacturing procedure, sometimes it is not feasible to repair or perhaps cause long delays in waiting for the same item to be returned.Your original item could be dumped, recycled or repaired via a third party.

One thing that is worthy of note, and that regards warranty cover on the item. Some companies continue the warranty as if nothing as happened. Other companies may give additional extended cover for the warranty period lost due to breakdown.Remember also, that the manufacturers warranty may not be the same as the suppliers or retailers warranty.

  Stuartli 10:33 14 Mar 2006

>>that the manufacturers warranty may not be the same as the suppliers or retailers warranty.>>

You normally buy a product backed by the manufacturer's warranty - anything provided otherwise should be at least the equal or better.

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