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  lilianpower 18:27 30 May 2009

Hello and Help!, I have a Dell Axim handheld which I use daily mainly to log in appointments with patients in my practice. I have recently swapped pc towers and while we failed to get it to synchronise with the handheld with Vista installed, (despite using every fix we could find on the net) it worked again when we uninstalled Vista and re-installed Windows XP. However that has only been a week or so. Now I get a message to say that the usb doesn't recognise it and it will only sync again for a short while when I switch everything off, disengage the handheld from the usb and then reengage everything.
I've come to the conclusion that it's time for a change - 7 years is quite a time for any technonlogy these days. The trouble is I have no idea what to go for. Dell have stopped doing handhelds, I understand because they think modern phones do the same job. But if I use a phone, I will have to remember to switch it off every time I take it into the room with a patient and then switch it on every time I want to make an appointment. Besides all I need is a simple calendar which syncs effortlessly with my PC. Oh Help, any ideas?

  Forum Editor 18:34 30 May 2009

which works flawlessly with Windows Mobile in both Vista and the Windows 7 Release Candidate.

I use it to synchronise my Outlook Calendar and email plus data files via my main desktop machine,and haven't had a single problem.

click here to see the model I use.

  lilianpower 19:37 30 May 2009

That's very helpful. Any other ideas?

  laurie53 19:48 30 May 2009

I recently changed from a Axim 51 to an O2 Xda Zest.

Screen is slightly smaller but otherwise totally very happy with it.

Runs Windows Mobile 6, PIM file was a simple transfer straight across via card, as was my other third party software, and it also takes HD cards which the Axim doesn't.

I have it on Pay & Go which is no more expensive than a new PDA, and I now only have to carry the one device, rather than both a phone and PDA.

  laurie53 20:02 30 May 2009

Sorry, hit Post too soon.

I take your point about a phone, but it has a lock switch like the Axim, which turns it off but leaves it in receive mode, and I understand that the original fears about interference with medical equipment have been largely discounted with modern devices.

My phone comes on automatically at 8.00 and goes off at 10.00pm.

If I wish to make an appointment I simply slide the lock switch to Off and the screen lights up at whatever I left it on, i.e. the Agenda screen.

Both of my Dells still work perfectly (it was my phone I was replacing) but I haven't even switched them on since I changed over in March.

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