Replacement Graphics Card Help

  muddypaws 17:16 15 May 2009

I have a thread in the helproom concerning my Graphics Card losing power.
Could someone give me a rough idea as to what card would be an inexpensive improvement to my existing NVIDEA 6600 GT please.
The next model number up it seems is not always better.
An AGP interface is required and it would have to cope with FS2004, but not necessarily on the highest setting.
Win. XP Home SPP2.
Many thanks.

  muddypaws 17:28 15 May 2009

Just noticed that 'Musicalkat' in the helproom has a thread on card replacement.
I'll hang on here for a while.
Believe my PSU is a 350 possibly 400, but will open case up in the morning.

  MAT ALAN 18:51 15 May 2009

concerning my Graphics Card losing power..

A6600GT requires a secondary power supply from your PSU to work properly, if you have a power lead attached and it still does not work it sould be the card or the PSU at fault.
Having said that if you bought another card as an upgrade you would almost certainly have to buy a bigger rated PSU to run it...

  muddypaws 20:11 15 May 2009

I have done a driver update and the 3D Benchmark has now shown a normal result so perhaps that was the problem.
Very strange that the first time I got that message was the instant IE7 un-install had finished.
Didn't realise it had separate power lead, but don't all stand alone cards get power that way?
Thanks for info.
I had better resolve this and the Helproom one and start again if the problem returns.

  Armchair 11:54 16 May 2009

For future reference.......

There aren't many first hand AGP graphics cards on sale now. The best AGP chipset on sale in the UK is the ATI/AMD 3850, which sells for about £85. Example here:-

click here

Other worthwhile, but not quite as good AGP cards include:-

ATI X1950 Pro
nVidia 7900GS and 7950GT
nVidia 7600GT

but PCIe has effectively left AGP dead in the water now.

  muddypaws 12:30 16 May 2009


Thanks for info.
Just checked my Asus P4P800-X Mobo on line and it appears to have 4 x PCI expansion slots so could go for a PCI card when the time comes I assume.
Whether the old P2.4 CPU would be up to it??

  Armchair 15:20 16 May 2009

No, PCI is not the same as PCIe ("e" stands for Express). As far as graphics cards are concerened AGP took over from PCI many moons ago, then PCIe cards were introduced in about 2004 or thereabouts and went on to replace AGP as the standard.

We're both limited to AGP cards with our current motherboards. I have no intention of buying any more new hardware, because I'm not much interested in the latest games any more. Mine is a P4 2.66 (from 2002), 1GB of DDR RAM, and an AGP nVidia 7900GS, btw.

  muddypaws 16:05 16 May 2009

Didn't realise PCI was first.
I expect it will be a new PC here as opposed to updating.
Had the PC since March 2003 ( my first). Totally computer illiterate at that point.
New mobo since then/ graphics card/HDDS so not all as old as the case which by today's standards is large! Plenty of room though. Done most of it myself in spite of having passed my allotted span!!
Just annoying that I don't think the PC would cope with FS X.
Thanks again.
Will resolve now tp prevent me waffling on!

  Armchair 17:34 16 May 2009

March 2003? Hahaha, same here. My first PC (tower,anyway. I've owned Spectrums, Amigas etc. before), a pre-built desktop from Toys r Us, lol, March 2003.

It still has the original motherboard, CPU, and case, but everything else has been upgraded.

You could probably pick up a useful pre-built gaming PC for £500 or so, and that would probably be your best bet. Quality PSU, Strong dual or quad core CPU, 4GB RAM (with room for more), decent PCIe GPU (the new AMD 4770 is supposed to be excellent value for money atm).........

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