Repair shop problems

  (_-SpOrTiCuS-_) 11:38 06 Nov 2007

A few weeks ago my computer, a dell, crashed and wouldn't re boot so i decided to take it to a local repair shop. The reason i did this was because i have had nothing but headaches from my computer and dell, the company. After a few days i telephoned the shop to see how it was going only to be told that my pc was a nightmare to work on and they are trying everything they can to sort it out. After seven to eight weeks i got a phone call telling me it was repaired so i shot down there. When i got there they told me they had changed the hard drive and the grapics card, they also told me they were the same in memory capacity and all the rest of it. Being a novice to this i paid them their money and took the pc home. I have now discovered that the hard drive has 100gb less than my old one and when i phone them i get told the boss is out or on holiday.

Any ideas on what i should do next??

  jack 12:11 06 Nov 2007

100Gb less!
are you sure?
80 -to 100Gb these days is par for a hard drive and mostly less on a typical proprietary machine. such as Dell
If you are not sure exactly what your machine has down load this utility click here

Then compare it with what the original spec was/is
It can be true that machines such as Dell and a few others prove to be difficult to work on because these firms built to a formulas with special parts that are not always compatible or upgradable.

  (_-SpOrTiCuS-_) 13:00 06 Nov 2007

I know for sure that the hard drive i had was 250gb and the one i have now is only 150gb

  Totally-braindead 14:39 06 Nov 2007

Theres something a bit funny there as theres no such thing as a 150 gig hard drive as far as I know. They go 40, 80, 120, 160, 200, 250. I've never seen a 150 gig one personally.
I think theres a 150 gig raptor one but they are very fast drives and very expensive compared to a normal one and I can't see him using that.

Could you have a look at the drive and supply the make and model number of it, perhaps that would clarify things.

Its just its an unusual size.

  Totally-braindead 14:43 06 Nov 2007

Would it be showing as 156 gig? That would be normal for a 160 gig one due to the way the hard drive manufacturers calculate it. They use 1000mb = 1 gig whereas windows uses 1024mb = 1 gig.

I think you'd be as well physically looking the drive and checking it, perhaps he partitioned it and it has a hidden partition or something. I presume hes only going to be on holiday for a couple of weeks or so? Is there no one else there that can help other than the boss whos away.

  Pine Man 15:14 06 Nov 2007

Western Digital Raptor 150GB hard drive?

  Totally-braindead 15:31 06 Nov 2007

I know Pine Man I did mention the Raptor in my post but its a £150 hard drive, theres no way a repair shop is going to put in a £150 hard drive when a 250 gig standard drive costs about £40-50.
Either its a 160 gig hard drive showing as 156 gig or its a 250 gig and the guys mucked up the formatting or partitioning.

  amonra 15:37 06 Nov 2007

Is it working OK ?
Are you satisfied ?
If not, then wait till the owner returns from holiday. Otherwise, is it worth the hassle of chasing round in circles for the sake of 100G ?

  jack 20:04 06 Nov 2007

Dell machines I believe have this strange partitioning system for recovery purposes isn't that so?
So a Dell drive could show something out of the ordinary.
And certainly I doubt if a normal repairs shop could match anything Dell could do
As I mentioned earlier and as is well known Dell build machines with unique parts in a strange way which is not at all like normal component build machines.

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