Repair shop in hants area

  wingfield 22:19 21 Apr 2008

Can anyone recommend a decent repair shop in hampshire? I'm in Winchester and the one here is absolutely useless. hey've had one f mine for neary a monthnow and still not repaired. I'm going basck thisd week and taking it back. I Want to try somewhere else.

  jack 08:56 22 Apr 2008

Will have their fair share of good/bad and indifferent.
Look 'em up in the Big Yellow.

  jack 09:01 22 Apr 2008

Get it back and tell us how you managed to break it
And we here collectively will advise how to fix it your self-
That's why we are here - isn't it?

  Strawballs 10:29 22 Apr 2008

I'm with Jack's second post, what is the problem with it?

  Demora 10:31 22 Apr 2008

Depends on 2 things

1. How far you want to travel
2. How much you want to pay.

Key Computers in Bordon but pricey.

Oh and of course PC Advisor is always here.

  jack 11:36 22 Apr 2008

Starting afresh may be cheaper in the long run
Our favourite supply is not too far distant
click here

  john bunyan 13:51 22 Apr 2008

wingfield.There is an excellent shop in Fareham, let me know if you want their phone no. (About 25 mins from Winchester.)

  john bunyan 14:02 22 Apr 2008

wingfield. Shop is Fareham Computers Phone no 01329236699. I f you phone speak to Alwyn - he may even talk you through a free fix on the phone. He helped me with a difficult trojan attack and his charges are reasonable and service speedy. Novatech fine for hardware etc but this guy gives a more informed service.

  wee eddie 19:39 22 Apr 2008

In our Local Paper there are usually 2 or 3 Freelance IT Engineers advertising their Services. I have been using one for years, he usually curses me and says something to the effect that "If you couldn't sort it out with PCA's help. What do you expect me to do?" But he's never failed me yet.

Don't expect to pay anything much less than a Washing Machine Engineer if you call someone out.

  wingfield 22:33 22 Apr 2008

Thanks guys for your advice. Looks like the shop sensed I was on the war path as they got their fingers out and sorted it. They actually had both my machines - one was running hot the heat sink and fan was clogged with dust and the other had missing windows files. I didn't have the time to try and sort it so thought the shop would be a better bet. Not in future though.

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