Repair or replace?

  Spudtastic 23:01 21 Feb 2008

Hi guys,

My main computer gave up the ghost a while ago. It's nothing special - my brother built it about 5 years ago for gaming - but it did the job. I emailed the person offering to repair it for details and this is what I got in response:

'We have checked you computer specification and it is the following:
AMD 3000 Socket A CPU
Asus A7NBX Motherboard
Radeon 9800 128mb Graphics Card AGP
Samsung DDR type 1 Ram

The CPU Has over heated and show clear signs of sweating. Due to the age of the CPU they no longer make this type. We also believe that the overheating has affected the main board and this is the main reason it keeps blowing power supplies. Again they no longer make the type of board.

The graphics card and the ram seem to be working correctly but would have to be replaced as the new boards no longer support them.

We would recommend replacing them with the following:
AMD 3600 CPU
Asus M2M Plus Main Board
Radeon X1550

Total Price = 175.96

You could also go for a dual core type CPU and taking the price to 205.05 for a Athlon 4400 Dual Core CPU

To increase the ram to 2GB would cost 17.99 extra. '

Now, from what I can see we might be getting a lesser graphics card, but more RAM. I'm unsure, therefore, as to whether or not I should pay out around £200 to repair this one, or whether I'd be better to purchase a new one?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  Sheepish 23:30 21 Feb 2008

If you opt for the repair what components will remain from the original configuration? A key thing to consider is how much longer they will last before further repairs are needed.

  Stuartli 23:54 21 Feb 2008

Save your money...:-)

The CPU would have had to overheat beyond its throw it away point of 85 degrees Celsius (if my AMD Athlon XP 3200+ is any guide) and that is highly unlikely.

I use an ATi Radeon 256MB 9550 graphics card and it still delivers all that I require and, it would seem, very little inferior to the one you list.

The person apparently offering a new system doesn't even mention Dual Core processors and offers an average rebadged from X1300 to X1550 graphics card costing well under £50....:-)

  Spudtastic 13:24 23 Feb 2008

Thanks guys. I'm not entirely sure what will remain - everything other than what I've listed is all that I can say! I do apologise for my lack of techie knowledge - please bear with me.

I misread the graphics card info, so sorry about that. You say that I should save my money... do you mean that I shouldn't buy a new one, or I shouldn't go with their suggestions?

Once again, thank you very much!

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