RentSmart and PC World

  second best 16:45 25 Oct 2007

Hi. I bought a laptop last may from pc world using rentsmart, but i believe i was mis-sold. I was led to believe i could return the equipment should i find myself in difficulties. I know this coz i'd only just registered as a freelance photographer, and i couldn't guarantee my earnings. i was told i could pay a little extra as a forfiet and end the agreement early. Turns out i can do this, but the little extra is the full ammount. basically the laptop was 1150 plus 570 insurance. total over 3 years being 2400. I actually told them on the day i could pay for it outright, and they looked at me as though i was stupid, and told me rentsmart was the better option. it truly wasn't.

i've been struggling the whole year, paying 75 a month for the laptop, with added insurance they've stuck on top, only after i've signed the agreement, and after 30 days cooling off or something. so what was originally sold to me as 50 a month is now 75. I can't even cancel the insurance coz it has to be there. it was also a loan paid in full for the 3 year term.

ok, so i could prob go into a lot of detail explaining all that has happened, but here is my real question:

i have signed an agreement for a toshiba laptop, which i returned within 7 days coz it wasn't fast enough and locked up 3 times in as many days. the manager changed it over there and then giving me the hp p4 3.4 I then left the shop. I didn't sign anything to my knowledge (though i hope that doesn't come back to haunt me) so i have an agreement for a tosh, but i have an HP. I know want to get out fo the agreement on this technicality.

I'm looking at it as, i have not signed a new agreement for an HP machine, therefore all monies payed to Rentsmart for a Tosh are void and should be returned to me. I simply return the HP laptop in their error.

How does this all sound.

  spuds 17:24 25 Oct 2007

You have another thread running.

Personally reading both threads, I would perhaps advice that you contact someone like Citizen Advice, because it appears that you are not sure what you have done in respect to various laptop's and agreements or arrangements.

As you say " I hope that doesn't come back to haunt me".

  second best 17:48 25 Oct 2007

hi spuds, thanks, i do have another thread, which i should have closed i suppose, but this new info, such as harware and the agreement, has only just been realised, so thought it better to start a new thread.

I'm assuming most people won't read thru weeks of posts to offer an answer.

  Snec 17:54 25 Oct 2007

How does this all sound.????

Promising I would think, but go see a solicitor!

  tullie 20:45 26 Oct 2007

Tick as resolved the other link.Save any confusion.

  second best 21:36 26 Oct 2007

thanks tullie.

  tullie 08:05 27 Oct 2007

Personnely i think your stuck with it,and using solicitors etc will only add to the burden,only guessing of course.You changed machine because other was faulty,you knew it was different at the time of transaction,which i suppose amounts to an agreement to accept the new machine,maybe im wrong?

  second best 13:26 31 Oct 2007

well, i may have found the last nail in my coffin on this one.

Terms and conditions

1 Definitions
Equipment: means all or any part of the equipment deasribed in the schedule (whether hardware or software or any combination of these), and any subsequent replacements, substitutions or renewals of it, and all accessories and replacement parts fitted to it.

I'm guessing the actual swap was legitimised using this definition, so the contract still stands.

rentsmart were supposed to call me on thursday of last week, but still nothiing. i've instructed pc world to contac tthem, and they've told me they will get back to me this afternoon. probably to tell me definition 1.

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