Remember the Optimus keyboard?

  Forum Editor 22:29 16 Oct 2006

I mentioned it some time ago. I could change the way we look at keyboards forever, and the signs are that it will be launched before too long now.

click here

  powerless 22:45 16 Oct 2006

I await the price!

  Danoh 22:53 16 Oct 2006

That'll be the end of touch typing then :-)

  Forum Editor 22:58 16 Oct 2006

"less than the cost of a good mobile phone" according to the designers.

Something like this will become one of those objects of desire, and I'm sure it will sell.....provided it works.

  Pesala 23:26 16 Oct 2006

A great help for working in foreign languages, but I would want to try it out first.

  Stuartli 00:14 17 Oct 2006

I seem to remember that the last keyboard the FE acquired was the bee's knees...:-)


The release date listed in the link is 14.07.2005, but it does look something really special.

  Totally-braindead 00:17 17 Oct 2006

Oh wow. I want it, it would be fantastic for gaming.
Don't suppose I could ever afford it though.

< massive sigh >

Tell you what FE why not try to get one for a competition. I know the odds are against it but at least I might have a chance to get one.

  wolfie3000 00:42 17 Oct 2006

SPEECHLESS!!! im just totally speechless!!!!

Words cant describe how much i want that keyboard.

Right any one want to buy my soul cause thats what i would give for it> :)

  wolfie3000 00:46 17 Oct 2006

If the keyboard goes for under £40 im gonna get one.

Chances are that it will be more :(

  Admiral Allstar 13:02 17 Oct 2006


i so want one of these.

  anskyber 15:16 17 Oct 2006

Hmm, love is a fleeting thing these days. click here

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