Reliable mp3 player for under £50 ?

  seefuu1 10:23 28 Jan 2011

Can anyone recommend a decent mp3 player for about £50 and could hold a few hundred tracks .Non of this touch screen guff either .

  Al94 12:29 28 Jan 2011

Sansa Clip click here
Also discussed in this thread click here

  Woolwell 14:45 28 Jan 2011

Second Al94's choice. I've had a Sansa Clip for some time. The earphones failed after a year and I got a better quality set to replace them which was well worthwhile.

  Armchair 19:43 28 Jan 2011

That was my topic! The iPod Shuffle did charge up. I just had to go into My Computer and eject it first.

It's proved to be a good buy, and I recommend it. It does take a bit longer to transfer tracks from iTunes, but that's nowt.

  octal 20:16 28 Jan 2011

I bought this one click here last year for about £40 and been very pleased with it.

  robin_x 22:50 29 Jan 2011

I followed the other thread for interest and now here. I thought Sansa looked good value too.

But I have not used a Walkman/MP3 player for years.
I use my mobile phone now.

Can go up to 8GB uSD.

What is the advantage of dedicated MP3?
Battery capacity? Duration?

If I listen to my phone I get about 4-5 hrs.

  Woolwell 23:06 29 Jan 2011

My mobile rapidly uses battery whilst my Sansa lasts days (not on constantly). I can also link it up to a MP3 connection in the car and play it over the car speakers. Although I Suspect that I could do that with the phone too.

  robin_x 23:15 29 Jan 2011


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