regraded from BT Yahoo BB to BT Total BB

  woofwoofbark 03:20 10 Sep 2006

Uptill July I was on BT Yahoo Broadband 2MB option 4 , 40GB monthly usage ... regraded to Bt's upto 8MB service and have checked my account which reads ...

Product: BT Total Broadband Option 4
Usage allowance: 50GB
Speed: Up to 8Mb

I have checked BT's site and they only offer 3 options for their Bt Total Broadband packages ...

top package has only a limit of 40GB a month ...

has someone screwed up within BT and given me the extra 10GB monthly usage and where did option 4 come from in my account ?

Has this happened to anyone else ?

if its a mistake on BT's part then shhhhh!!

  STREETWORK 07:26 10 Sep 2006


I too have just had the offer of a regrade, at no extra cost.I have been offered an increase to 50gb, free router and up to 8mb speed at no more than I am paying now.The downside is that I would have to take out a new 12 months contract. I shall decline the offer as my line barely supports 1mb, and the present 40gb is more than adequate.

  total_pc 08:19 10 Sep 2006

I "upgraded" some time ago now and am also on option 4. I had severe speed issues for the first 4 weeks in that I only had about 512 down where as before I was getting nearly 2mb. I upgraded over the phone and was never told about limits or contention ratios. After a huge amount of time on the phone I am now getting nearly 5mb down but don't have a clue as to what my limit is. BT? Make mistakes????

  woofwoofbark 15:01 10 Sep 2006

thanks for the link ...

I see that option 4 includes the free Wireless Home Hub , which I didnt get ... should I have ?

I tried >>>BT's brilliant desktop help<<< total waste of time , asking if I should have recieved the hub when I signed up but as always they have no clue about anything to do with BT and gave me a number too call which is only available weekdays ...

So , for those ppl that have switched too BT Total Broadband from BT Yahoo Broadband Option 4and that are on Option 4 , did you recieve the Home hub ?

total_pc take a look at your routers configuration pages and see what stats you have for Data Rate , I sync at 8128 kbps Downstream and 448 kbps Upstream ... speed tests give me , on average 4MB Down ... and have had around 7MB on occasions

  woofwoofbark 23:57 20 Sep 2006


thanks crx1600 for your link , I noticed that the Option 4 included BT's Wireless Home Hub , which I didnt receive , and if not for the link I wouldnt have known that I was entitled to it , But after a short phone call to BT they are sending me the Hub and should arrive around the 4th october.

Im wondering how many ppl have not received the hub after regrading to the new package ??


  Infidellic 04:32 21 Sep 2006

How did you manage to get upgraded?!?!?!

I have put in two things to the whole place and they haven't got back to us despite saying in initial guesswork (the availability checker) that our line could probably support 6.5 mbps. Oh well still got the 2 mbps connection :)

Shocking lack of response from them though

  woofwoofbark 16:31 21 Sep 2006

I signed up click here a dozen times , I noticed that My Account said "Speed:Upto 8MB" even though the guys at desktop help and also the people at technical email help could not see anything , they suggested I signup yet again but with no luck , I was given a number for thier billing department (0800 800 150) and was eventually signed to the package over the phone

I found out since from click here that I should have received the BT Wireless Home Hub .. after a few contacts to BT desktop help I was given this number 08003281605 who apologised and sent out the Hub (to arrive around 4th Oct)


geo g

  woofwoofbark 04:59 11 Oct 2006

They said it was due on the 4th October and it arrived on time ... what a difference it makes , the speeds are great and can run a few programs on my desktop and the speeds are not affected ... i was using my own Trust 445A router and the net would slow to a crawl whenever i used P2P file share but since the Hub has been connected my Internet speeds are acctually quicker than before !!!

One minor thing that is heppening , i used a website click here for tweaking my Broadband connection and all was fine but now I connot become pingable click here for results .. the guys on the dslreports website said to make the hubs firewall pingable but havnt managed to find out how to do it , BT Desktop help is useless , maybe a phonecall will sort it out ? apart from the unpingable result everything is going smoothly !!

  jolorna 08:46 11 Oct 2006


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