Registry Easy really IS a scam

  bigwilsi 13:15 05 Sep 2009

I'm someone who has invested in a number of registry cleaners in my time and usually have half a dozen to choose from when needed. ALL of them sing their own praises on how they will remove the nasty stuff in just a few minutes, but Registry Easy really takes the biscuit for online deceit. I purchased it a few weeks ago now when I was having trouble with a CPU usage 100% prob. They had promoted that it would clear-up the prob in mins. On my first scan it caused serious problems with my computer, with having unexpected shutdowns for the first time ever and losing access to the internet through IE. I only recovered, after utilising my other cleaners, - which I wont promote by mentioning any of them. That's part of the trickery they use.
I wrote a polite and detailed account of my experience to their support site and requested a refund. After 3 further attempts to remind them over previous weeks, I'm still awaiting an acknowledgement from them.
It's surprising that any referrence to Reg. Easy being a scam, that's made through a Google search, brings up pro-Reg. Easy responses from individuals obviously agents of or for them. Statements like - 'Registry Easy might not be the most popular registry cleaner on the block - but . .' and 'Registry Easy does not have much of a downside', are quite insidious and it's obvious the company itself is manipulating the number of 'hits' of it suggesting it being a scam.
To me, a company which insults the dignity of its customers in this manner will eventually not prosper. Meanwhile they'll make lots of money.
Please don't be fooled by the trickery. BEWARE! Registry Easy really IS a scam.

  ened 14:00 05 Sep 2009

I've never used one, never mind half a dozen.

  crosstrainer 14:21 05 Sep 2009

Clean it up, clear it out, and then download this.:

click here

Top right corner it's free, and will do a basic job of cleaning your registry.

As ened has pointed out above...It simply is not worth mucking about with the registry in any system.


Post here...One of us will be able to help :))

  jakimo 15:45 05 Sep 2009

What makes you think that buying another registry cleaner will cure you problem when you already have 5 that failed to solve your problem,its widely known that if more than one of this type of software like, AV is installed on a system they will most likely conflict with each other,you would do far better by discussing the problem in the helproom and save yourself some money

  laurie53 20:40 05 Sep 2009

"it's obvious the company itself is manipulating the number of 'hits' of it suggesting it being a scam."

Never heard of the company or the programme, but I'd beware of making statements like this without some sort of evidence, such as a link to the relevant manipulated site.

  Forum Editor 23:29 05 Sep 2009

and I'll move it now.

  Forum Editor 23:31 05 Sep 2009

about a product or a company, based on one bad experience. You can have no firm evidence to support your allegations in respect of this company, and any further repetitions will be immediately deleted.

  laurie53 06:53 06 Sep 2009

"'... such as a link to the relevant manipulated site. . .' Why are you reading between the lines? Simply google 'Registry Easy', and all the evidence is there as I described, of a company exagerating what its product can actually do to entice others to buy it. That doesn't appear to be an issue with yourself. I think that nature offends all of us, - including the person carrying it out. They just don't know it yet."

Like most site users, I would prefer it if you did not reply privately to topic threads.

It is a convention on the forum that the yellow envelope facility is only used by invitation.

  andjmason 13:29 29 May 2011

Try Easy Tweaker

  iscanut 14:55 29 May 2011

This post is nearly 2 years old so little point in posting now !!

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