Registering Sony Vaio Laptop

  Admiral Allstar 11:31 19 Aug 2006


I purchased a Sony laptop from in early july.

I have recently connected it to the internet and attemted to register with Sony.

However, when I type in the details the website says that i cannot register and should call sony.

I did this and confirmed that I was entering the correct details. They offered to register the laoptop but needed to know the purchase date. As i did not have that to hand at the time I said I would call up again.

When I asked why the serial number was not working on the website I was told that it can take a while for their database to be updated with the latest serial numbers.

Is this correct?? I find it incredible that Sony can manufacture a laptop, transport it to a retailer who can transport it to me and then even a month after I received it I am unable to register online as Sony's database is not up to date!!

I will try again by phone on Monday, but am concerned that the laptop is somehow not "new". Given that I paid £1400 for it I feel I can be a bit miffed.

  SG Atlantis® 11:39 19 Aug 2006

You're beef is with Dabs in the event of a fault anyway.

It's very possible that it takes time to update customer support with new serials - they're the biggest, if not one of the biggest electronics giants in the world.

  Forum Editor 12:00 19 Aug 2006

that one of the world's biggest electronic giants could tell you that serial numbers aren't on a server a month after you bought this computer. The manufacturing date will be some tme earlier, which makes their claim even more silly.

The first thing new owners do is register their machines - Sony know this, and it must be happening hundreds of times a day. If there was really a long delay in updating a database they would be inundated with complaints, and they would have fixed the problem ages ago.

  Admiral Allstar 12:35 19 Aug 2006

Thanks for the replies. When I try to register online the site states that the ONLY resaons why I could not be registered is:

1. Incorrect information (I confirmed over the phone that I was using the right number)

2. Purchase of a second hand laptop (well, this should be new)

3. The name entered is different from the registrant (there should be no registrant)

I will try phoning Sony again, but am a bit miffed.

  phoenix198 12:53 19 Aug 2006

... but I have twice encountered a similar problem while trying to register newly bought Sony computers - a laptop and a desktop.

In both cases the automated registration service failed and I attempted to register by telephone, only to be told that the serial number had already been registered. Sony support wouldn't tell me to whom the laptops had been registered which is understandable given the provisions of the Data Protection Act. However they did hint that it was to an individual at a fairly local private address rather than a company or business.

Both laptops had been purchased as 'new' from a well known high street retailer, and I was suspicious that I had in fact been sold a returned or refurbished item. Either that, or by some incredible coincidence two individuals quite local to me had mis-typed Sony laptop serial numbers while registering and inadvertently registered my PC(s).

Both PCs were returned post haste for a full refund, and to the retailer's credit there was no quibbling about making a refund. However, if once is an unfortunate mistake, then twice indicates a trend to me so I will be hesitant about purchasing Sony items from that source in future.

  Admiral Allstar 21:13 19 Aug 2006


A cynical person may say there may be more to this than meets the eye?? Especially as the phone number is a premium rate one...

Would be interesting to see if there are a lot of customers who encounter this?

  sunny staines 21:43 19 Aug 2006

my wife just got a sony laptop,after registering on line ok, we still get pop ups asking to register, the 3 month norton internet security was is expired, each time we email sony support they reply asking ask us to ring the 09 premium number but our phone company blocks these.

but the computer is good, can't say the same with sony support and sony centre stores. I'm back in the store again tomorrow re the above.

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