Registering my hp 9605

  allthefreeze 20:43 01 Jan 2008

Hi guys this is my first post on this site so forgive me for my lack of knowledge.
Wondering if any one can help me with this query?
I purchased the 9605 from Currys got it home and was trying to register it but the registration already had someone elses name, address and mobile phone number on it, silly question but, is this normal? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Also should the 9605 come with a remote control?


  allthefreeze 21:06 01 Jan 2008

Apologies, posted this message on wrong forum.

  garryd 22:13 01 Jan 2008

mine came with a remote ?? and if it diddent then somthings wrong! sounds to me like sombody allready owned your laptop the decided to take it back ! maybe the dident return the remote with it eather!?? that probably why its registerd to someone else before you! maybe!??

  allthefreeze 22:25 01 Jan 2008

Yeah think you maybe right i will take it back tomorrow see if they can replace it and give me a remote

  garryd 23:33 01 Jan 2008

sorry to be so negative mate but thats what it sounds like to me!i hope you get a replacement as i think most currys/pc world in the uk are sold out of this model at present !?? that would be a shame for ya as this is a awsome laptop at great price ! good luck bruv let us know how ya get on! garryd.

  allthefreeze 19:29 02 Jan 2008

My wife took the laptop back to Currys today and they were really quite good, they gave an immediate new replacement with no hassle but no joy on a bit of compo for the hassle.My wife suggested maybe a laptop carry case but the best they came up with was a ten quid reduction, you don't ask you don't get though, it was worth a try. Anyway, overall I think Currys done as expected of them , they couldn't have done any more. So I'm happy that I have got a new laptop and this one has a remote with it too. Cheers everyone Happy New Year!

  garryd 21:58 02 Jan 2008

GOT BAD NEWS i took my dv9605 back tonight as the glitching in the screen when watching a dvd in full screen started getting worse ! when i got to currys they offerd me the better dv9646em wich is £130 more at £630 ,they waved the £130 and told me they had six DV9605 back in with the same fault when watching a dvd in full screen! the spec on the better dv9646em is much higher! and at no extra cost ! i feal much better now!

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