Refurbished PCs.

  Paddylad 20:53 29 Jul 2010

I've just had a look at Dell & PC World and am impressed with the range and prices of desktop PCs on offer.
Does any have an opinion or information that might help to sway me in one direction?
Very grateful for all help.

  lotvic 21:06 29 Jul 2010

In the Search forum box just above your post at top right put
PC World
and you will find plenty of threads in Consumerwatch about others experiences

Ref Dell, I have a dell and am very pleased with it despite a few problems in the beginning that were promptly dealt with. Have had troublefree pc now for last 4 years.

  Dragon_Heart 22:42 29 Jul 2010

They DID have a range of refurb' Dell desktops with a 12 month RTB, but their site is now clear, keep checking or give them a ring.

I had a Dell desktpo direct from Dell, it was a good PC.

The only 'problem', if you can call it that, is that their motherboards are Dell specific and can only be supplied and fitted by a Dell eng.

I am NOT a fan of PC World !

You could also try Morgan Computers click here

What do you need the PC for ?

Some PC's can be had for £200 or less eg click here or if you just need the base unit for less than £120 eg click here

Please note I have not used Blackbarn Computers

  Paddylad 23:02 29 Jul 2010

Thanks everone for help. Still undecided so I'll Keep looking

  bjh 09:41 30 Jul 2010

There are some real bargains out there from reputable mainstream suppliers, but also some suppliers who are less reliable or less helpful.

If you let us know, in broad terms, what you want to use your PC for, I'm sure there will be many recommendations, and some "best avoid" comments.

PC World does get a lot of stick, but it's a huge company, so is bound to have problems. However, some of these problems that get reported here do seem to be rather extreme. Dell does, on the whole, get a better press. As Dragon_Heart says, they do often use non-standard components, which may tie you to them for repairs and upgrades, which may add to the cost in the long run.
Ebuyer click here and Novatech click here have both good ranges of new machines and have a long record of supplying them.

Refurbished PCs are, in my opinion, often not the bargain they may appear. They will be slightly older (obviously) and will often have been returned for some specific reason. This should have been spotted and fixed, but sometimes the root cause of a problem may remain.

So, let us know what you want the PC for, and lets find you a real bargain...

  Armchair 10:34 30 Jul 2010

What does the process of refurbishing a PC entail?

  jack 11:04 30 Jul 2010

is click here
I guess refurbed/reworked can cover many items
Typically is would be a clean formatted and reloaded hard drive, at he least.

  bjh 11:08 30 Jul 2010

Debatable, depends on the PC and the supplier. Dell claim to make them as good as new, replace any components that are faulty, reformat & reinstall software. Some suppliers are less clear about how they test, and I suspect some duds will pass through. I was told some time ago that refurbished computers from HP Compaq were likely to be MORE reliable than the new stock, as the testing was more rigorous. No idea if this is likely to be true.

I suspect some smaller shops refurbish a computer with a duster, whilst others would completely disassemble to components before reassembly. Movable feast. With prices of new computers so keen, I suspect it's not that much of a saving.

  Paddylad 20:25 30 Jul 2010

Hi again, Firstly I like browsing the www. I don't do gaming as I spend a lot of time writing and translating technical text books. My present PC is an old Compaq Evo P4. 2.26GHz CPU, 2 Gb RAM and 80 Gb internal HDD with a 320Gb external HDD. In itself it,s a nice little set up but I would like a bit more RAM as it,s at capacity,
What you've told me here is marvellous and I'm leaning towards Dell.
I agree about PC World. They do have a few problems, but in my experience the problem is personnel rather than technical. Promotion seems to come too swiftly so that individuals dont get enough experience in various departments.

Enough of that, Thanks for the help and the links you've given me, all much appreciated.

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