Refund problems with nethighstreet

  caister 18:27 14 Mar 2003

A friend bought a computer from them about 5 months ago with no problems, i ordered a top of the range system with a very nice flat screen monitor, ordered it online then awaited a phone call for credit card number and delivery date, so then i arranged the sale of my sons computer to make room for it.. The delivery date came and as a techno freak i rushed home after work to find the computer sitting there,, alas without the monitor, i called the nethighstreet up to tell them that the monitor had not come, the lady on the other end of the phone said that the monitor was not in stock and that it had been on order since before xmas, and that she would call with a date the next day...i decided to set up the pc on a borrowed monitor and found it very nice, until after a few days it started taking a while to load things, checking the ram in windows i discovered that it only had 256 instead off the 512 asked for, so i was on the phone again,, it appeared that the ram had been marked up wrong and assured me that they would post the ram the very next day.. then two days later still no ram went to switch on the computer, and nothing happened, just a flash of the light and a noise of the fan then nothing.. So by this time i have had enough,i phoned them up asking for a full refund and guess what? every time i phone there is no one there to do refunds, they were in a meeting on thursday now today they have gone to germany for a week... all i want is a refund so i can go to a good company to get a computer and to make my son smile. i am going to ring bcard to see if they can help as it is faulty goods, the thing what really got me was the monitor buisness i mean what use is a computer without a monitor. so if anyone has had trouble like this or can help please let me know thanks. ps they still havent returned any calls never did get the ram either.

  hecate 18:53 14 Mar 2003

Thanks caister for reporting your problems with Nethighstreet. I had my eye on a new comp from them.Not any more! Thanks again.Hecate.

  shifty 19:11 14 Mar 2003

I have recently purchased a computer from them and so have two friends and we are all well suited with our purcheses. Built to our specifications, delivered as specified and all working spot-on.

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